Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What can we learn from Hitler's mistakes?

Adolf Hitler; a name the whole world is never going to forget, a name that still instills fear in some and hatred in some others. He was the key person behind World War II, Nazi Germany and The immensely infamous Holocaust. The name we have all come to relate with such despicable acts of horror was, in fact, a decorated veteran of World War I. His autocratic and totalitarian reign of ‘The Third Reich’ is a legend in itself.

Hitler’s biography forms for a great source of learning valuable lessons in life. His autobiography, Mein Kampf, describes his struggles in great details and is a great source of inspiration for many. What this autobiography doesn’t depict is the great mistakes he committed that turned him into one of the most hated and dreaded people in all of history. These are visible in Hitler’s Biography. There are many lessons to be learnt from Hitler’s Biography. He made many mistakes during World War II that cost him dearly and ultimately led to Germany being crushed to defeat.
·         The first lesson comes from his arrogance that he was invincible. He made the mistake of turning Russia into a foe. If it was not for the Russians, it would have been extremely arduous for the allies to retaliate the way they did.
·         The second lesson to be learnt is the cost of being over-confident. This led to the demolition of his bomber squads in Britain and cost him dearly.
·         The third grave mistake was the Holocaust. His sheer hatred of the Jews was one aspect that shows us the value of human lives as this was probably the most horrendous of all the mistakes he made. His deployment of unnecessary troops for eradication of Jews weakened his strength and ended in his defeat.
·         Another major lesson to be learnt is the cost of oversight. Him not being able to track the Japanese while they attacked Pearl Harbor dragged America into the war and cost him his campaign.

One other worthwhile piece of learning from Hitler’s Biography comes in the form of his disdain for lives in general which cost him the Battle of Stalingrad. This shows us to treat the lives of your fellow men with reverence. His audacity in denying the shooting down of British bombers in British territory and insistence for them to be shot only over German territory for the Germans to see and be encouraged from forms another point for pondering on his methods and judgment.
All these grave errors stare us in the face whilst analyzing Hitler’s biography. This is the exact thing portrayed in biopic made on Hitler. The multitude of entries in Hitler movies list depict each and every one of these errors in great detail and present many topics of debate about the righteousness of his methods.

This Hitler movies list includes superbly crafted and presented titles such as Downfall, The Bunker, Night and Fog and Valkyrie. These titles amply depict the pitfalls in Hitler’s ways, his mistakes and to a careful observer, would present a host of learning that enables them to discern right from wrong. All said and done, Hitler’s Biography is full of mistakes that a common man can take cues from and avoid the gravest shift in their attributes as a human.

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