Sunday, July 14, 2013

Motivational ways to make the world a better place

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The world today is filled with corrupt people and treachery, treason and all the negative aspects of life. Some are working very hard towards renunciation of the world while the majority remains apathetic and indifferent to the sufferings happening all over the world. Though the cause can be claimed as natural the truth is that nowadays the disaster can be man-made and that is the primary cause of the unrest and tragedy.

One thing that you must remember is that only one person cannot bring about the required change. Majority of the people, if not all, should work towards a common goal in order to achieve a harmonious, peaceful world. However the little you do always counts, so you take responsibilities of what you can do and wait for others to do the same. Soon, the world will be a harmonious and happy place to live in. Here are some ideas which you can execute. It will be a small step on your part but a large step towards humanity.

• Donations- You may be thinking that what change $1 will make to the whole world, but always remember that an ocean can only be made from a huge collection of droplets of water. Amazing, isn’t it? In the same way your $1 given to charity along with the donations of other donors can change a lot. You can also donate your clothes, books and several other products for those who are less lucky than you. So you just have to start the process and all will be done in due course.

• Save energy- A small step such as saving energy can turn out to be quite big at the end of the day. When you are saving energy, you not only reduce your costs but also reduce the wastage of the non renewal sources of energy and save them from getting depleted. What you save today, you leave over for your future generations to access. Think about a day without electricity! What will you do if you never have access to internet again? Scaring, isn’t it? So start saving and you will never see the dreadful day in your life.

•Volunteer- It does not hurt you to be a volunteer for a cause and help people. It will not only provide help to the needy but also experience to you. Think about it.

•Save water- Potable or drinking water is one of the hardest resources to achieve. So do not waste it. Small measures you undertake like recycling of water, proper management of water use can be a big step in your community. In this way you can definitely contribute to society even if on a small scale.

•Purchase to support- Sometimes the brands you purchase offer community services when their products are being purchased. Be a part of the program and purchase from these brands. It serves dual purpose where you get your required material and also take a step towards social welfare.

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