Thursday, July 18, 2013

God the father of Motivation

What is the need of motivation in life? Whenever you overcome with the life’s burdens and fail to move forward in the life due to stress, sorrow and other mishaps, losing your self confidence, then you need motivation. Many a time you ignore the restlessness of your mind, but you cannot ignore it for an indefinite period of time. If you do that then you have the chance of turning abnormal. That is not expected from anyone.

There may be a variety of reasons why you might think that you are not performing up to the mark and you slowly lose your confidence in the work you do. You feel like you are not doing anything productive, you feel restless. Troubles in relationships, betrayal, and failure are some of the causes to name a few. If it is not given proper importance, you can become totally depressed and lose your interest in your life.

In such a chaotic state of your mind if you address your problems to God you can be relieved a bit of the chaos that is running havoc in your mind. Blaming God for your problems may not be a solution but putting your trust on Him, asking Him to provide you support in your dire need will be a feasible option.

In Ephesians 6:11 it is advised to God’s followers to “Put on the whole armor of God”. The “armor of God” is not any armor that we put on when you are heading towards a war zone to fight people of blood and flesh but a mental barrier that will protect us from all sort of evil and negative feelings and thoughts. It is actually a shield of faith on God which will protect us from our own mind. The belief that everything happens for a reason and God never thinks ill of His followers is the basis of faith.

This you have to do yourself. As no amount of preaching can inculcate in your mind the idea that
God is present and is responsible for the good things in your life. You can never thank Him enough for the life He has provided you, let alone other pleasures which he has supplied. If you renew and strengthen your faith and belief in God no amount of worry, anxiety or evil will be able to discourage, depress or de motivate you in the path of your life.

The Great Lord who has created everyone and has adopted them in the family is like a living Father who scolds His children for the wrong this he/she has done yet loves him/her with unmeasured passion in heart. When He gives He gives His fullest. But He is not harsh in taking away.

His power, strength and His blessings are the things which help you to move forward in your life thus enabling you to succeed in your endeavor. He is the cure for your depressions, discouragement and all other negative aspects of life. The love of God is wonderful and heavenly. Believe in Him and experience it!

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