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What can we learn from Hitler's mistakes?

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Adolf Hitler; a name the whole world is never going to forget, a name that still instills fear in some and hatred in some others. He was the key person behind World War II, Nazi Germany and The immensely infamous Holocaust. The name we have all come to relate with such despicable acts of horror was, in fact, a decorated veteran of World War I. His autocratic and totalitarian reign of ‘The Third Reich’ is a legend in itself.

Hitler’s biography forms for a great source of learning valuable lessons in life. His autobiography, Mein Kampf, describes his struggles in great details and is a great source of inspiration for many. What this autobiography doesn’t depict is the great mistakes he committed that turned him into one of the most hated and dreaded people in all of history. These are visible in Hitler’s Biography. There are many lessons to be learnt from Hitler’s Biography. He made many mistakes during World War II that cost him dearly and ultimately led to Germany being crushed to defeat.
·         The first lesson comes from his arrogance that he was invincible. He made the mistake of turning Russia into a foe. If it was not for the Russians, it would have been extremely arduous for the allies to retaliate the way they did.
·         The second lesson to be learnt is the cost of being over-confident. This led to the demolition of his bomber squads in Britain and cost him dearly.
·         The third grave mistake was the Holocaust. His sheer hatred of the Jews was one aspect that shows us the value of human lives as this was probably the most horrendous of all the mistakes he made. His deployment of unnecessary troops for eradication of Jews weakened his strength and ended in his defeat.
·         Another major lesson to be learnt is the cost of oversight. Him not being able to track the Japanese while they attacked Pearl Harbor dragged America into the war and cost him his campaign.

One other worthwhile piece of learning from Hitler’s Biography comes in the form of his disdain for lives in general which cost him the Battle of Stalingrad. This shows us to treat the lives of your fellow men with reverence. His audacity in denying the shooting down of British bombers in British territory and insistence for them to be shot only over German territory for the Germans to see and be encouraged from forms another point for pondering on his methods and judgment.
All these grave errors stare us in the face whilst analyzing Hitler’s biography. This is the exact thing portrayed in biopic made on Hitler. The multitude of entries in Hitler movies list depict each and every one of these errors in great detail and present many topics of debate about the righteousness of his methods.

This Hitler movies list includes superbly crafted and presented titles such as Downfall, The Bunker, Night and Fog and Valkyrie. These titles amply depict the pitfalls in Hitler’s ways, his mistakes and to a careful observer, would present a host of learning that enables them to discern right from wrong. All said and done, Hitler’s Biography is full of mistakes that a common man can take cues from and avoid the gravest shift in their attributes as a human.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

God the father of Motivation

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What is the need of motivation in life? Whenever you overcome with the life’s burdens and fail to move forward in the life due to stress, sorrow and other mishaps, losing your self confidence, then you need motivation. Many a time you ignore the restlessness of your mind, but you cannot ignore it for an indefinite period of time. If you do that then you have the chance of turning abnormal. That is not expected from anyone.

There may be a variety of reasons why you might think that you are not performing up to the mark and you slowly lose your confidence in the work you do. You feel like you are not doing anything productive, you feel restless. Troubles in relationships, betrayal, and failure are some of the causes to name a few. If it is not given proper importance, you can become totally depressed and lose your interest in your life.

In such a chaotic state of your mind if you address your problems to God you can be relieved a bit of the chaos that is running havoc in your mind. Blaming God for your problems may not be a solution but putting your trust on Him, asking Him to provide you support in your dire need will be a feasible option.

In Ephesians 6:11 it is advised to God’s followers to “Put on the whole armor of God”. The “armor of God” is not any armor that we put on when you are heading towards a war zone to fight people of blood and flesh but a mental barrier that will protect us from all sort of evil and negative feelings and thoughts. It is actually a shield of faith on God which will protect us from our own mind. The belief that everything happens for a reason and God never thinks ill of His followers is the basis of faith.

This you have to do yourself. As no amount of preaching can inculcate in your mind the idea that
God is present and is responsible for the good things in your life. You can never thank Him enough for the life He has provided you, let alone other pleasures which he has supplied. If you renew and strengthen your faith and belief in God no amount of worry, anxiety or evil will be able to discourage, depress or de motivate you in the path of your life.

The Great Lord who has created everyone and has adopted them in the family is like a living Father who scolds His children for the wrong this he/she has done yet loves him/her with unmeasured passion in heart. When He gives He gives His fullest. But He is not harsh in taking away.

His power, strength and His blessings are the things which help you to move forward in your life thus enabling you to succeed in your endeavor. He is the cure for your depressions, discouragement and all other negative aspects of life. The love of God is wonderful and heavenly. Believe in Him and experience it!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Motivational ways to make the world a better place

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The world today is filled with corrupt people and treachery, treason and all the negative aspects of life. Some are working very hard towards renunciation of the world while the majority remains apathetic and indifferent to the sufferings happening all over the world. Though the cause can be claimed as natural the truth is that nowadays the disaster can be man-made and that is the primary cause of the unrest and tragedy.

One thing that you must remember is that only one person cannot bring about the required change. Majority of the people, if not all, should work towards a common goal in order to achieve a harmonious, peaceful world. However the little you do always counts, so you take responsibilities of what you can do and wait for others to do the same. Soon, the world will be a harmonious and happy place to live in. Here are some ideas which you can execute. It will be a small step on your part but a large step towards humanity.

• Donations- You may be thinking that what change $1 will make to the whole world, but always remember that an ocean can only be made from a huge collection of droplets of water. Amazing, isn’t it? In the same way your $1 given to charity along with the donations of other donors can change a lot. You can also donate your clothes, books and several other products for those who are less lucky than you. So you just have to start the process and all will be done in due course.

• Save energy- A small step such as saving energy can turn out to be quite big at the end of the day. When you are saving energy, you not only reduce your costs but also reduce the wastage of the non renewal sources of energy and save them from getting depleted. What you save today, you leave over for your future generations to access. Think about a day without electricity! What will you do if you never have access to internet again? Scaring, isn’t it? So start saving and you will never see the dreadful day in your life.

•Volunteer- It does not hurt you to be a volunteer for a cause and help people. It will not only provide help to the needy but also experience to you. Think about it.

•Save water- Potable or drinking water is one of the hardest resources to achieve. So do not waste it. Small measures you undertake like recycling of water, proper management of water use can be a big step in your community. In this way you can definitely contribute to society even if on a small scale.

•Purchase to support- Sometimes the brands you purchase offer community services when their products are being purchased. Be a part of the program and purchase from these brands. It serves dual purpose where you get your required material and also take a step towards social welfare.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Top 10 Visionaries Business Leaders in India

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Power of vision; an ability to see the ideas or business integrated and moving towards the success and growth, the visionary ideas get spread and are adapted. The visionary business leaders are recognized in the crowd.'"

Who knew IT sector would expand its wings in almost all business sectors, information flows with the speed of light through every possible source. Every time we need some information and we do not have the details we just dial a number and get all the related information on in no time. The idea is originated by VSS Mani, the visionary idea help others to spread the business and growth. Name of the organization is such that it is naturally spoken Just Dial,

Not only this, the growth of business can also be analysed by web shopping - offering best deals, best prices etc. One has no time to go to the market but needs to buy something; s/he just needs to flip the card. is one such initiative by duo Sachin and Binny Bansal, supporting online purchase of the products by offering best deals and best price to its valued customers across the nation. 

The Wipro Technologies headed by Azim Premji, provides the IT solutions to keep the information flow going, leading to IT business growth and businesses in other sectors too with latest advancements. Mobile phones or telephone lines are one of the common and productive sources of spreading the information. A person may not use computers or internet connections but mobile phones are used by 95% of population.

So that everybody can afford and avail mobile services this task is simplified by Sunil Mittal, CEO of Bharti Telecom. The telecom taboo changed the way of dialling phone numbers by push button phones, introduced cordless phones in the market. Not only this, but he made mobiles reach every literate and illiterate person’s pocket.

For setting up a business a piece of land is required, also a piece of land is of no use if it does not generate business in any terms. Kusal Pal Singh, DLF CEO integrated the land business and made us

 K.P Singh made us value the land areas, under his rule Gurgaon emerged as one of the leading commercial spot nurturing various business developments under its horizon. BPO set ups, hotels, resorts and other kind of businesses have been establishing in Gurgaon.  

Kishore Biyani carrying designations on both shoulders one as CEO of Future Group and MD of Pantaloon Retails. Future Group expanded the retail outlets and retail shops in the shopping malls, his idea of running discount department stores and warehouse stores reached cities and the rural areas too.
'Not only giving the business to big brands but also flourishing job opportunities. Conglomerate is the new term in the industry spreading the employment and business opportunities to many or better to say to the speeding population!

Yes; Mahindra & Mahindra ruled by Chairman & MD Anand Mahindra is on the  roads. Yes the company is on the roads of every city- the automobiles manufactured by the company are running on the roads of every city.

 The company is not fresh at all it has been working since years and years, they assembled the jeeps which were used in World War II. The company lighten ups many other organizations by setting up the power plant and providing energies. 

Another visionary Kumar Mangalam Birla the Chairman of Aditya Birla Group was in circle of doubts when joined the organization on his father expiry. The man stood tall against the odds and now is in a win-win situation. The industrialist made the group as one of the third largest industry in India under his leadership, expanding the industry in areas of garments, cement, aluminium, fertilizers, telecom, Software, BPO and other areas.

Last but not the least, the Ambani Brothers. No doubts both brothers started with the parent company-Reliance Industries, but business has only condition to grow and that is let the ideas roll freely, a well understood concept by Ambani Brothers. Anil Ambani, Chairman of Anil Dirubhai Ambani , spread the market internationally.

Both brothers expanded Reliance Group to its current status as India's leading textiles, petroleum, petrochemicals, power, and telecom company. Anil’s love for entertainment made him buy Adlabs multiplex company with Steven Spielberg. Whilst Mukesh Ambani,Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries and Director of Bank of America expanded the idea of Reliance Retails outlets.
realise land its value it. By setting up IT plants, residential plots or shopping malls.

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