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How to Become Rich Like Warren Buffet?

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Today is the era, when most of the things have been expressed and are discussed openly. In the past people were afraid of opening up or expressing their opinions. But in today’s time the person understands and is exposed to various aspects.

Since decades, ones best friend is his job and the money s/he earns. We are not discussing on the money minded mentality but money is something which help us make stand in the society and keep us away from various troubles, long story short it guards us, protect us or shelters us. Warren Buffet is one personality who has given us the ways to explore and get more of the money and get more of the protection for us and for our loved ones. He started worked on the money plants since young.

Warren Buffet is amongst the richest people in the world, who stands on his own and has grown on his own. He was born on 30th August and has been working on the money saving and growing tips since young. He used to sell newspapers, golf balls, coca-cola door to door and earned money. Who knew that he would be the world’s richest man ever. Warren Buffet is chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is listed among the world’s richest people.

Warren Buffet Money Making RulesGrowing money: You do not need to be miser but one needs to be intelligent and should have an art of growing money. Warren did not earn money to be amongst richest but he utilized and explored the ways to earn better and more. He will be donating 99 % of his earnings to Gates Foundation

Warren Buffet Investments Tips Invest invest invest : No matter how much you earn, but invest your money. May be you have the
dependents in your family; you are looking on all the expenses etc. But invest at least 1% of your earning so that it gets ripen in sometime and you can enjoy the returns.

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  • Focus on your needs: Satisfy your basic needs first than other lavish expenses. Priorities what is important for you and not how important it is to show-off. Focus on what you have rather than what others have.

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  • A second hand income: Explore other sources of income for yourself. May be by investing, developing a hobby, utilising people at home that is by guiding them to indulge in the part time or work at home jobs.

Warren Buffet Tips
  • Be Shopaholic: Be shopaholic for your basic requirements and the things you need. Avoid overbuying or adhere to the shopping list.
  •  Quit: If you find you are investing more than you are gaining, please quit.
  • Reinvest: The profit you earned from your first investment, reinvest that profit if possible or reinvest a part of it.

Please remember, money is a good servant but a bad master. Earn as much as you can and through every possible source you can but do not always keep money in your mind, you need to play safe with these paper notes, which can get you everything you want but can destroy you with everything you have. And do not forget to take risks.

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