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Learn the science that motivates you

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Have you ever thought what motivates you to work better? Some say its success, others say love for money. But what many people do not know is that your emotions are the basis of your motivation of the work you do. It's hard to believe. Isn’t it? Let’s look at some examples. When you are sad no matter what you do you feel like something is wrong even simple things like listening to music can make you grumpy. But when you are happy even the toughest and meanest jobs are not a problem for you. This is because human emotions are the key to motivation in our life.

Of the various conditions present that affects your success rate three points need special care. Those are the things you cannot work without. They are autonomy, mastery and the purpose of the work at hand. Now what are these? Autonomy is your desire to be the master of your own work, means you will do it according to your moods and whims. The second point is mastery. It is your interest to be better in your field of work. Be the master of your own work with a high level of performance. The last point is the purpose of your work. If you think that you are making a difference to the work you are doing however small, you will be motivated to work harder, no matter what others tell you. If these key points are executed well then you will be happy with whatever work you do, big or small.

Your perceptions of your emotions and the motivation when intermingled with your zeal of work provide you the best results in your life. Creative people like thinkers, problem solvers, artists are not motivated by money but by their passion for the work. In fact money is a very trivial thing when you consider your whole life, the various fields of your interest.

So now the basic question how does your brain deal with emotions and make a practical use of them to motivate you in real life? Positive emotions like happiness, joy etc. help you to broaden your mind but negative emotions like sadness, jealousy narrows your chain of thinking and makes your life more tiresome. You can’t be creative, motivated when you have negative emotions in your mind. In fact it will have a negative impact on the work you do and you will be unable to yield your best results.

Now you might ask “how can I enhance my perceptions in order to yield best result?” There are various processes to enhance them. Try exercising. When you exercise endorphins are released into your blood. They make you feel better. As being healthy is the key to succeed in your life. If you are unable to control your emotions, seek professional help and go for counseling sessions. This helps you to boost your own self confidence and motivates you to succeed. Last of all at the end of the day spend some time with your inner self. This will help you to understand your own self in a better way.    

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Five Entrepreneurs Who Motivated the Whole World

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Over the years entrepreneurs have been philosopher and guide to the whole world and tried to change it into a better place. Many have succeeded in their endeavor, many have failed in their attempts but one thing is common to all, they have never lost faith in themselves, nor in their capabilities. This capacity of the entrepreneurs makes them unique and persistent thus bringing success to them. Many entrepreneurs have changed the world for good. Some of them and their work are being described here.

Henry John Kaiser, American Industrialist:

Being an industrialist he started a business in the road paving in 1914. A few years later, in 1927 he succeeded in achieving a contract of $20 million. Later he joined other major contractors and brought a new era of industrialization. He established the US Western integrated steel plant. After World War II he transferred his business in the houses and car sector.

He is also known as the Father of American Shipbuilding. He succeeded in building the Kaiser Shipyard which was used in World War II. The aluminum and steel companies established by him still provides employment to millions of people and is responsible for bringing large revenues in the country.

Oprah Winfrey, Chairwoman, CEO and CCO of the Oprah Winfrey Network:

When someone is speaking of Oprah the first thing that comes in anyone’s mind is the famous award winning show “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. She gained a huge amount of wealth and success from this popular show. She is ranked among the richest African-American of the 20th Century and is one of the influential women of the world.

Evan Williams, Founder of Blogger and Twitter:

‘Blogger’ is one of the first applications for management and creation of blogs. Williams first used the keyword “blogger” which was the key to the popularization of the word “blog”. Twitter is a free social networking and micro blogging service and information network. It was renovated in 2007 and became a separate organization with Evan Williams being the co-founder, board member and investor of the organization. Twitter is the third most used social network after Facebook and Google+.

Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor of the Phonograph:

Thomas Alva Edison showed an affinity towards invention, chemical and mechanical experiments. Though he was poor, still he continued his search of knowledge in every field possible. His key instructor was his mother as he completed the majority of his education in his home. Like everyone else, his experiments yielded a mixed result i.e. filled with success and failure. His inventions include the incandescent bulb, the phonograph and the motion camera used in the film-making industry to name a few. He is considered to be one of the high skilled greatest inventors of all time with over 1093 US patents.

Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman of the Virgin group:

In 1972 he founded the record stores known as Virgin records which later came to be known as Virgin Megastores. With time his business spread its wings as he established Virgin Atlantic Airways. He is the 4th richest UK citizen according to Forbes 2012 list.

This post has been written by Author Samata Dey Bose.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to Become Rich Like Warren Buffet?

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Today is the era, when most of the things have been expressed and are discussed openly. In the past people were afraid of opening up or expressing their opinions. But in today’s time the person understands and is exposed to various aspects.

Since decades, ones best friend is his job and the money s/he earns. We are not discussing on the money minded mentality but money is something which help us make stand in the society and keep us away from various troubles, long story short it guards us, protect us or shelters us. Warren Buffet is one personality who has given us the ways to explore and get more of the money and get more of the protection for us and for our loved ones. He started worked on the money plants since young.

Warren Buffet is amongst the richest people in the world, who stands on his own and has grown on his own. He was born on 30th August and has been working on the money saving and growing tips since young. He used to sell newspapers, golf balls, coca-cola door to door and earned money. Who knew that he would be the world’s richest man ever. Warren Buffet is chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is listed among the world’s richest people.

Warren Buffet Money Making RulesGrowing money: You do not need to be miser but one needs to be intelligent and should have an art of growing money. Warren did not earn money to be amongst richest but he utilized and explored the ways to earn better and more. He will be donating 99 % of his earnings to Gates Foundation

Warren Buffet Investments Tips Invest invest invest : No matter how much you earn, but invest your money. May be you have the
dependents in your family; you are looking on all the expenses etc. But invest at least 1% of your earning so that it gets ripen in sometime and you can enjoy the returns.

    Warren Buffet Quotes
  • Focus on your needs: Satisfy your basic needs first than other lavish expenses. Priorities what is important for you and not how important it is to show-off. Focus on what you have rather than what others have.

Warren Buffet Quotation
  • A second hand income: Explore other sources of income for yourself. May be by investing, developing a hobby, utilising people at home that is by guiding them to indulge in the part time or work at home jobs.

Warren Buffet Tips
  • Be Shopaholic: Be shopaholic for your basic requirements and the things you need. Avoid overbuying or adhere to the shopping list.
  •  Quit: If you find you are investing more than you are gaining, please quit.
  • Reinvest: The profit you earned from your first investment, reinvest that profit if possible or reinvest a part of it.

Please remember, money is a good servant but a bad master. Earn as much as you can and through every possible source you can but do not always keep money in your mind, you need to play safe with these paper notes, which can get you everything you want but can destroy you with everything you have. And do not forget to take risks.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fight Against Superstition - Be Bold and Brave- Motivational Story

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Once in a small village in Himachal Pradesh, lived a boy named Shyamu. He was very mischievous and always created some or the other problems for the villagers. The villagers were totally sick of his activities as sometimes he used to loosen up the cattle out of the farm, break water-pots of village women and even burn crackers in front of cattle.

One night the villagers heard a loud noise popping out from the nearby forest. All the villagers thought it to be another prank by Shyamu to scare them. The next day the village head asked Shyamu that why he was making loud noises in the midnight on the streets of village. Shyamu refused that he didn’t do anything. Finally after a couple of arguments he was warned by the villagers for not playing such a prank. But, that night the villagers again heard that weird noise and it became frequent every night. At the end of the day, Shyamu was held responsible for all this.

Then one fine day, Shyamu went to his cousin’s place for few days. And that night they again heard those scary noises. The next day the village head collected a few people and went to Shyamu’s house for taking an action against him. After reaching his place, they found that Shyamu was not in the village since the previous morning. This scared the village head he thought that Shyamu was right it was some ghost which was making these noises. The news spread like fire in the village. The very next day a small boy was found missing from the village. The villagers gathered and went towards the forest to search for the boy. On entering the forest, they found the boy’s clothes. This indeed scared the villagers and they did not try to go further for searching the boy. Now, there was a rumor spread in the village that there is a ghost who lives in the forest, he roams on the streets of the village for hunting kids.

After a few days, Shyamu returned his village along with his cousins. He was told about all the happenings taking place in the village by his mother. Shyamu felt weird after listening this but, the same night he heard those noises and the very next day another boy was missing from the village. Now, this created a hassle among the villagers. The village head reported this to the police and they started their investigation. At, night two policemen were sent by the local police station in the forest to search for evidence. The next day they didn’t return. This created more fear within the area. This made Shyamu plan out an expedition for knowing the truth. He planned to go into the forest at late night with his cousins. After the clock tucked 12 at night, Shyamu left with his cousins for the forest. The scary noises started and they saw a small beam of light coming through the forest. They followed the direction of beam and crossed the lake. On going further, they saw a hut outside which the two missing boys and the two policemen were tied up. They looked around and saw a tape recorder with speaker. They came to know the secret of noises. Shyamu advanced towards the hut and peeped through the window. He found four men sleeping in the hut. Shyamu locked the door of the hut from outside to avoid their escape, while his cousins untied the policemen and the boys.

They planned to get these dacoits trapped. The policemen hurried at that moment, went back to the village and gathered a huge crowd for trapping the dacoits. As soon as the one of the dacoits woke up he found the door locked from outside. He woke up the other dacoits and they saw the village crowd coming towards them. They picked their guns and shot the lock and broke open the door. Now putting their guns on Shyamu’s head they demanded a safe escape, while all were stunned to see Shyamu in such a risk. The village head warned them to put down their guns else they will attack them but, one of the dacoits fired in the air and the villagers ran away from.

Meanwhile, the policemen were hiding in the nearby bushes. As soon as they turned for collecting their looted money which was placed in the cowshed, the policemen dodged them and took away their guns. Seeing this even Shyamu dodged the dacoit who had placed the gun on his head. The fourth dacoit was shot on his leg by one of the policemen. Meanwhile, the police jeep arrived along with the village head and other members. The police arrested the dacoits and put them in the vans. The village head praised Shyamu for his bravery and the police rewarded him with some cash since, these dacoits were the wanted criminals. The next day Shyamu was appraised in front of the whole village for his bravery.

Moral: Finally, a small boy teach that superstition is a hazard in life, it makes one coward and hopeless. One should always follow the truth and be bold enough to face it.

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