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True Friendship - An Art of Living and a Tool for Motivation

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"Life is a challenge, greet it with smile"

"Friendship is a treasure, keep it all the while"

Find a meaning of true friendship is that corner of life which we many a times take it as granted. But in reality do we possess any true friendship in our life? We heard people talking that friends are like those flowers in life which are specially decorated to make a beautiful garland for the whole life. But still there are lot many people who cherish to have only a few numbers of friends in life and they are such who failed to get support of friends in need. The parameters of friendship are totally mysterious and unpredictable. The truth is that friendship is an essence in life which continues as long as it is well nourished love, care and mutual understanding.

Doctors do say that, when mentally a person gets depressed for any specific reason in life and need to recover from the episode of life, they should take the help of friends rather than family members and it actually do work for the recovery of the person. Friendship is the most precious gift that two individual person give to each other and is not given by god directly with birth.

Friendship is a wonderful blessing of life and a definition of true friend according to me, is the medium through which we receive spiritual as well as emotional blessings to cherish through life.

Friends are those to whom you can share every truth of life bluntly. True friends enrich the life makes us feel loved, cared and accepted by the whole world. The rainbow of life is well felt with the presence of the friends.

While creating the world full of mountains and oceans, God created relationship and out of many relationship friendship was one were the relationship of blood is not there, but full of emotion only. Friendship is the only path where you can show your compassion contributing to some good not only to your life but for another person whom you selected to be a part of your life out of love and affection.

Friendship makes prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.

Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC), On Friendship, 44 B.C.

It's a connection of two hearts which cannot be broken. Sometimes it becomes so deadly that even the worst death cannot separate them in ending the journey for life. Friends are energy to life and mate to share the joy and pain of life and sometimes guide to show you what is wrong and right in life.

But there do exist the chances of false friendship, which come into our life to take advantage being a curse to the divine world of friendship. Friends we need to recognize them or else we will be pained for life. True friends are those you are there with you when you are need of them. Don't be a victim of false friendship. Choose the friend with sensitivity and care so that they can be a long run asset in life. You will feel there absence if they are not in your life. Be a true friend, to your friend and let the bonding go on forever.

It's a destinies decision to give a friend in life, but it's your own quality to treasure the friend for life.

A whole world is represented in our friends, so come and let's join to celebrate the relation for life-  
The friendship. May god bless you with the power to identify the true friend in your life.

This article has been written by Author Samata Dey Bose

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