Sunday, May 26, 2013

True Friendship - An Art of Living and a Tool for Motivation

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"Life is a challenge, greet it with smile"

"Friendship is a treasure, keep it all the while"

Find a meaning of true friendship is that corner of life which we many a times take it as granted. But in reality do we possess any true friendship in our life? We heard people talking that friends are like those flowers in life which are specially decorated to make a beautiful garland for the whole life. But still there are lot many people who cherish to have only a few numbers of friends in life and they are such who failed to get support of friends in need. The parameters of friendship are totally mysterious and unpredictable. The truth is that friendship is an essence in life which continues as long as it is well nourished love, care and mutual understanding.

Doctors do say that, when mentally a person gets depressed for any specific reason in life and need to recover from the episode of life, they should take the help of friends rather than family members and it actually do work for the recovery of the person. Friendship is the most precious gift that two individual person give to each other and is not given by god directly with birth.

Friendship is a wonderful blessing of life and a definition of true friend according to me, is the medium through which we receive spiritual as well as emotional blessings to cherish through life.

Friends are those to whom you can share every truth of life bluntly. True friends enrich the life makes us feel loved, cared and accepted by the whole world. The rainbow of life is well felt with the presence of the friends.

While creating the world full of mountains and oceans, God created relationship and out of many relationship friendship was one were the relationship of blood is not there, but full of emotion only. Friendship is the only path where you can show your compassion contributing to some good not only to your life but for another person whom you selected to be a part of your life out of love and affection.

Friendship makes prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.

Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC), On Friendship, 44 B.C.

It's a connection of two hearts which cannot be broken. Sometimes it becomes so deadly that even the worst death cannot separate them in ending the journey for life. Friends are energy to life and mate to share the joy and pain of life and sometimes guide to show you what is wrong and right in life.

But there do exist the chances of false friendship, which come into our life to take advantage being a curse to the divine world of friendship. Friends we need to recognize them or else we will be pained for life. True friends are those you are there with you when you are need of them. Don't be a victim of false friendship. Choose the friend with sensitivity and care so that they can be a long run asset in life. You will feel there absence if they are not in your life. Be a true friend, to your friend and let the bonding go on forever.

It's a destinies decision to give a friend in life, but it's your own quality to treasure the friend for life.

A whole world is represented in our friends, so come and let's join to celebrate the relation for life-  
The friendship. May god bless you with the power to identify the true friend in your life.

This article has been written by Author Samata Dey Bose

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Definite Tips to Become Successful in Your Life

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There are many people in this world who are getting failure in hiring the success. Here are some tips which you could follow to become successful in your life.
  • Believe in yourself
  • Self confidence
  • Willingness
  • Ability to take own decisions
  • Setting high goals
  • Ability to learn or work with others
  • Attitude of learning from mistakes
  • Positive thinking
  • Being friendly, active and energetic
  • Being honest

Way of thinking

Make sure that you think positively. Never think negatively as negative thoughts pulls you back from hiring success. Moreover, make sure that you don’t spend your time in negative environment. Always think that you can achieve your goals and never the word ‘I can’t’. Besides, never be selfish.

Decide your goals and dreams

The first and foremost thing which you need to do is write down your goals in a book or a piece of paper and develop a plan to achieve them. If you set up a plan to reach your goals they will automatically take you towards your dreams.

Take action

You cannot achieve your goals until you put your plan into action. Thus, you need to try hard until you achieve your goals.

Don’t stop learning

Make a habit of learning something new every day. Knowledge is like an ocean, thus you will have something new to learn always. Enjoy while learning, make it a passion!

Work hard and be persistent

Enjoy the work which you do and work hard. Nothing can stop you from hiring success on following this tip.

Focus your money and time

Don’t get distracted and focus on your goal. Learn how to manage your time and money in a proper way. Take wise decisions!

Be innovative

Innovative thinking will make you to stand out in a crowd.

Be friendly

Never sit alone and talk rude to others. Be friendly with others and support them. This will also help you in developing your communication skills and confidence levels.

Decision making

 Don’t depend on others to do each and every work. Take your own decisions. However, you can take an advice while putting it into action if you are not confident about it. If you are confident about your decision go with it without taking a back step.

Team work

There are also some people who believe in team work. Be friendly with your co-workers and never show authority on others though if you were the leader of the team.

Aim high

Always aim high, then you can achieve at least some part of it.

Down to earth attitude

Never be fond of anything. Be down to earth always if you want to achieve your goals. This is one of the reasons behind the success of many great people in this world.

Be honest

Being honest and sincere will help you in achieving your goals.

These tips are really easy to follow. However, you need to put a little effort in the beginning to get habituated. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to Build up Self Confidence?

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Every person is different and this is because of the various strengths or weakness present in his or her personality. It is these traits that play a vital role in enhancing or reducing the sense of self-confidence among individuals. Building self-confidence is not easy, and it is vital to remember that no one is perfect and that each one of us has some good and bad traits. The most important aspect of building self-confidence is to bring out the good qualities and ignore the negative traits in one’s personality. Discussed below are few useful strategies that can help individuals to boost their sense of self-confidence in a significant manner.


Adapt A Positive Attitude

: The process of building self confidence is not easy and it is quite common for people to feel depressed and disillusioned in the face of numerous failures. However, what is more important is to adapt a positive approach towards the entire process and keep on trying in spite of the disappointments or hardships that one might be forced to face.


Learn To Live With Your Weaknesses

: As mentioned before, every individual has some strengths and weaknesses. While it is easy to highlight one’s good qualities, accepting the negative aspects of one’s personality is not that simple. However, it has been observed individuals who learn to live with their weaknesses and do not feel embarrassed about them, tend to have higher levels of self confidence.  


Learn From Your Mistakes

: Making mistakes is an integral aspect of the learning process and rather than brooding over them, it is better to take a lesson from them. This helps individuals to improve their performance and also increases their level of confidence. Only when one learns to stop worrying about what they have done wrong and get ready to face new challenges, does the goal of enhancing their self confidence seem attainable.


Learn To Appreciate Your Success

: Every achievement is important, irrespective of how small or insignificant it might seem. It is important to bask in the glory of your success, even if you do so only for a few moments and without involving anyone else. Feeling good about even the smallest accomplishments is a great way to boost morale and help enhance the sense of self-confidence.


Adapt To Changes

: It is important not to fret about the changes in one’s surroundings as this can easily bring down the level of self-confidence.  Rather than shying away from changes, try to adapt them as a way of life. The best way for individuals to do so is to think of the ongoing changes as a means of learning new things and as opportunities to highlight the hidden aspects of their personas. 


Don’t Compromise Your Values

: People who, easily compromise with their often tend to have an extremely low sense of self-esteem. While it might be necessary or even right to bend a rule once or twice, doing so quite frequently is surely not good for enhancing self confidence. It is important to strictly follow your principles, even if there are only a couple of them.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Art of Respecting Yourself- Mandatory Habit for Winning

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Respect: Respect is a positive feeling which needs to be present in every human being. Respect means to be good to others, respect means to understand others feeling, respect is to believe in one self and respect is to respect self. The person who cannot respect self cannot respect others too. So to gain respect it is important for a person to learn the art of respecting self.
We should keep one thing in mind that if we respect others then on a definite note people will respect us too. We are trying to provide you some important steps which will help you in learning about what is respecting self.

Be patient and think what it means by respecting someone: The way we show our respect to any human being varies from one person to that of the other. The reasons behind this are variations in culture, religion and the environment in which we stay. Respect is given to people who are experienced than us and more knowledgeable. There is a certain level of respect which is applicable for or and we need to give that minimum respect to people elder to us or even younger. Some common sign which indicate respect for people are:

•Not harming people
• Being honest to people
• Listen to others with patience without creating interruption in between

Start respecting self:

It's time now to concentrate on respecting self. Think what you do to respect others and do the same with self. Never harm yourself in any instance, never insult yourself in front of others and always be honest to self. Develop self opinion and stand for it whenever required.

Stand against those people who disrespect you:

People having self-respect don’t allow others to insult them in any respect. They will not allow any person in their lives who don’t know how to respect others. If anyone shows disrespect towards you then come forward and say straight away that you don’t like the way he or she is insulting you and this is not at all acceptable to you in any respect. Once you are capable to say this you will get to realize the self confidence within you.

Love yourself and take care:

People who don’t love oneself cannot realize how beautiful the world is. So love yourself first. Take care of your well being, your appearance, your health etc. taking care of all this will present yourself as a person with great confidence. Work on those areas where you can make improvement in your life as this will make your feel really good and confident having great self respect.

Start understanding self and know what you are good at:

The more you concentrate on knowing yourself; you will start falling in love with your inner self. You will get to realize the things in which you are good at and will start appreciating yourself. Start to reveal your hidden talents in front of people and they will start recognizing you and your quality.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Ways to Make Your Life Meaningful

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About life: Life is a challenge and we need to enjoy every aspect of it to give completeness in our existence in this world. Many of us try to live life the way it comes without having meaning about what they do and for what. The everyday struggle de-motivate us to look at life in a positive way and so we all fail to give a true meaning to our life. We need to do such things in life which we want to do from our heart and not for the sake of doing it to lead the life.
We thought to try out some ways which can make our life happening and motivating with true meaning to it.

Develop the art to be Happy:
You dont need a reason always to be happy. Happiness comes from within. Try to feel the secret of happiness and discover it from each and every activity you do. Develop the art of happiness in you and you will start realizing the beauty of life.

Live life the way you want:
Dont make your life a routine job. Try to do those things in your everyday life which you actually want to do straight from your heart. This will help you to give a new meaning to life.

Develop the sense of wonder within you:
 Try to discover something new in life which wonders you about how such things are possible. If you think that you forget to wonder then look at young kids. You will get to see how they wonder on small things and question to know the secrets behind it. But when they fail to get any answer they try to develop logic of their own and answer to themselves. Learn this act of discovering the answer of our own.

Meet those people whom you care and love:
There are some people in everyone's life having no blood relation but still very close to heart. Their care, love and affection attract us to them and suddenly we realize that we have some special feeling for them. They can be anyone our neighbor, friends, and relatives and even can be a kid. Try to be in touch with them regularly and who knows one fine day you may learn something new from them to lead a more meaningful life.

Develop the quality of helping others:
You will get to enjoy extra satisfaction in life when you move forward and help people in need. There are many people in this world who need support to lead a blissful life. Move forward and help those needy people and bring smile on their face in the way you can. Your helping nature will definitely give a new meaning to your life.

Make nature you best friend:
If possible take a silent walk either in the morning or the evening with your partner or without to explore the beauty of nature. Observe each and every activities of the nature and we are sure you will definitely get to see something new every day. You can learn from it the art of leading a meaningful life ahead.

No crash course on making life meaningful is available in this world. We need to learn it ourselves and observe it in our daily life. If we want we can surely give a new meaning to our life. Try the above ways and we are sure happiness will knock your door.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Keep Yourself Motivated At Your Workplace?

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For most people, performing their best everyday at their workplace is not an easy task. The monotonous nature of their work can make them easily lose focus and this can have a negative impact on their working. In order to ensure maximum productivity and hence greater professional success, it vital for people to feel constantly inspired and motivated, irrespective of how repetitive their work might be. Given below are some easy tips that can help professionals to keep up their motivational levels and give their best as an employee for overall personal as well as organizational growth. 

Make  Plans for your career which is long term: Fulfilling specific objectives every day at work might not prove enough to keep you motivated over a long time. However, if you set career goals for say the next five years, you will definitely feel motivated to give your hundred percent to achieve them in time. The best way to remind yourself of these goals is to put them up as the screensaver of your PC or laptop or just print them in large and bold letters on your workstation. Nothing works better to inspire you than being reminded of what you aspire to achieve professionally over a period of time.

Be A Part Of Healthy Competition: Competing with peers is a great way to remain motivated at your workplace. A healthy competition not only helps you to bring out the best in you but also enables you to learn from your mistakes. This can prove extremely helpful in modifying your performance and also fine tuning your skills which might otherwise be ignored in the dull and boring routine of everyday work. Moreover, it enables you to take up new challenges and constantly test your limits. 

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy: While it is important to work hard and with honesty, it is equally important to occasionally relax and take a break. Planning social and fun activities with colleagues is a great way of not only making new friends but also to unwind and feel refreshed. Give a rest to the workplace tensions  as this can help in regaining the energy to fight them with new vitality and vigor. Braking down work into smaller and manageable sections is also a good idea to bring excitement into the otherwise stressful and mundane routine of your work.

Seeking Help Is Not Shameful: Being the jack of all trades is not possible for everyone. So if there is some aspect of your work that you are not comfortable with, take the help of someone who is happy doing it. At the same time make sure that your work offers you sufficient professional satisfaction. However, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if you do not know it all. Seeking and giving help helps you understand manage your work responsibilities even better. 

Feeling depressed or even discontented with our profession is something that most of us experience at some point of time in our careers. The trick however not be bogged down and turn the situation around to our advantage. 

This article has been written by Samata Dey Boss. If you like her article, don't forget to read more.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Motivational tips for your romantic life!

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Most couples looks very romantic in the beginning of relationship but this romantic period might not ast for long. This is due to the fact that they have become more familiar to each others. However, this doesn’t mean that romance will completely die after certain days. You can make your life romantic by underneath tips!  These tips will really help you in maintaining your day much brighter with your better half.

•    Going for a walk would really help you in making your day romantic. This would be the right time to share your feelings with your partner. Moreover, it gives you good health too.

•    Date: Going for a date with your partner to a lovely restaurant or to a lovely resort would enhance your mood. Moreover, you can spend lots of time with each other's and can share your feelings.

•    Give a surprise to your better half, plan for a candle light dinner in your home and arrange your room with lovely roses. This would be the most memorable gift which you could give to your partner. This makes your partner really feel surprised and special.

•    Make sure that you give respect to your partner as this is the only thing which helps you in maintaining a good relationship.

•    Try to share your feelings whenever you spend time with each others. Tell your partner that you miss him really due to the busy schedule. This will help you in creating a romantic atmosphere.

•    Go for long tours and spend together in a hotel.

•    Try something new always, speak with your partner in his favorite language and dress up in his favorite clothing.

•    Play some games as it gives you some fresh experiences. Moreover it would be really helpful for you in staying romantic with each others.

•    Foreplay would be your best choice to enhance your mood. You can really have fun with each others during this time.

•    Don’t hide anything from your partner; speak only truth with your partner.

•    Add some exotic oils, candles and music to your bed room as they create a romantic atmosphere.

•    Appreciate your partner always.

•    Care your husband a lot, as the men usually love the woman who cares them a lot.

•    Give a surprise to your wife by presenting her favorite jewelry or dress.

•    Listen to your partner always with patience when he speaks.

•    Give him a hug while going to office.

•    Send him text messages saying that ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘and I want to see you’ etc.

•    Don’t argue with your partner ever as it sometimes leads to unexpected situations.

•    Tell your partner thanks, as it means a lot to him.

•    Go for a romantic film or watch a romantic film at home along with your partner.

You could follow all these tips to maintain a good and healthy relationship with your partner. No doubt in it you will definitely have a romantic life with your partner on following the above tips.

This post has been written by Author Samata; read his more articles here.

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