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The Power of Feelings - The Path to Great Success

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Feelings, Emotions in a human make them living beings. Feelings or emotions are the source of inner expression or deliver to a message to the people around so that they can realise what is being said, written, sung or demonstrated through the mode of expression. The entire life of a human is full of feelings may love, respect, patience, jealous, envy, greed, hatred, loneliness etc. At every stage of life feelings play a vital role in expressions.

Success is something which one gets after hard work or some get it just like that may because it was in their fate. Whatever is the source of success, success is success which should be respected and treated well.

Success is like a white pearl- a symbol of purity which get fades if not treated well or get in touch with the air of boast, lust, disrespect etc. The pearl of success will lose its purity and will not taste the same as it used to. Feelings play a vital role when one achieves success; success is a taste of sweetness, relief and lightness. So once you taste the success enjoy it, feel it, live it and make it memorable. But please, avoid these Errrs……………….

    Falling Success
  1. Do not over do your success, long story short please do not over celebrate your success as it might lead to some negative thoughts and make some people jealous.
  2. Underestimate Fellows
  3. Do not underestimate the fellow competitors, do not show them that you are the best and what you did they could not because you never know when your days are finishing. Instead show them respect, highlight their brave steps or achievements so that they do not feel bad about your success. In every competition there is a winner if its you today, it could be someone else the other day.
  4. Success is a Mine
  5. Do not lose senses, when getting success. Work hard party harder principle should be followed but do not forget there is more to achieve. The present success does not end the story of your professional or personal life
  6. Success Story
  7. .Do not sleep on your success story, share it. The more you share the more the people are aware of your success story the challenges you faced in the journey and your success happiness gets multiplied. Be the reason of inspiration for others and share your inspiration story too.
  8. Individual Success
  9. Do not claim yourself an individual winner. Support the team spirit, make each of the team member part of the success story.
Last but not the least success tastes better when tasted in senses and when one is grounded. If one flies high in the air of boast, underestimating others one smashes hard on the ground in tiny uncountable pieces.

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