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10 Things to Do For Keeping the Teenagers Well Motivated

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People, especially parents, generally consider teenage to be the most delicate as well as difficult phase of life. This phase which marks the beginnings of a child turning into an adult is resplendent with numerous physical, mental and emotional changes in the young adult. Most often the actions and decisions taken during this phase of life have a deep impact on how the future of the child shapes up.
Given below are 10 important points that parents must follow to ensure that their teenager kids are motivated in the right manner. 

1.       Pay Enough Attention: One of the biggest mistakes that adults often make is not paying enough attention to teenagers. This makes the teenagers feel really ignored and creates a tendency to lose their confidence and sense of self esteem. 

2.       Give Them Ample Freedom: Since teenage is the 1st step moving towards adulthood, children in this critical phase of life should be treated in a different way. It is important to give them the opportunity to express their views and ideas and make their own decisions in some matters.  

3.       Let Them Learn From Their Mistakes: The best way for motivating the teenagers is to allow them in experiencing things on their own in the way they want. They should be given a bit more freedom enabling them to distinguish between good and bad and accordingly make the right choice. 

4.       Spend Quality Time With Them: Many teenagers feel that their adults are too busy to spend time with them. Spending even a few minutes exclusively with your teenage kid can go a long way in keeping them motivated.

5.       Don’t Laugh Off Their Problems: The worst things parents generally do, is that they consider the problems of the teenage kids totally insignificant. Although they might not be as critical as the issues that boggle most adults, teenage problems are definitely not a matter to be laughed off.  

6.       Be involved With Your Children: Just because the fact that teenage child is doing things in a different manner is not the reason to ignore them or show disinterest. Being involved with in the everyday activities of teenagers actually helps to bring out the best in them. 

7.       Practice the art of Patience: Most adults tend to forget the fact that every individual, including their teenage kids, has a right to have different views and opinions. So rather than becoming angry with them and shouting at them, adapting a patient approach would be more helpful.  

8.       Encourage teens By Rewarding Them: Nothing works better in motivating a teenager than appreciating an achievement, hardly matters even it is very small. So pamper your children and present them with a gift whenever they anything worth appreciating. 

9.       Treat Them As Young Adults: Discussing important things with the teenagers can make them feel very important and inspire them in doing better work. Sharing problems with them and seeking solutions for the same can also prove quite helpful. 

10.   Be A Parent Not A Control Freak: Finally it is important not to cross the thin line between being a parent and a control freak. Let your children flourish without being judgmental or comparing their actions with other kids or worse your own growing up years. 

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