Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Enabling Success: A Few Points Need to Remember

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Whenever you decide to chase success, make sure you do your homework correctly. Success is always in plain view, but is also, due to inexplicable reasons, very elusive. The first step towards success is to do away with the thin line that segregates success from value.

It has been observed that successful men never say they’re successful. That’s because they know success is a shifting goalpost. Bill Gates had actually once said, “640 kB of hard-disk memory ought to  be enough for anyone,” a laughable quote? Not really, hard-disks with memory spaces of 640 kB WAS actually the cutting edge of technology in the good, old days. After achieving 640 kB, Gates never said he was successful but shifted the goal-post. He then said, “Success is a lousy teacher, she seduces smart men into thinking they can’t lose”, and asked his engineers to write software that would need 1 GB+, and more, memory. Maybe, that’s why he is today the second-richest man in the world, valued at USD 72 Billion. The richest man is, of course, the Sultan of Brunei, but he’s out of the scope of this article because he inherited money. Never earned it.
Success can be looked at holistically, but holistic views do not hold much water in the real world. Anyone who wants to be a successful has to roll up his sleeves, get down in the mud, and chase success. There is simply no other way.  Holistic views cannot adapt to how success is defined differently in every geographical location, and how this definition is dynamic, constantly changing.
Here are a few pointers that can help you succeed. There are a whole lot of other pointers also, but the list in this article deals with pointers that are time-proof and geographical location-proof.
Tighten your seat-belt, you’re about to encounter a very rough air-pocket because the pointers listed below are so obvious that you overlooked them.

The mantras of success:

•    Believe in yourself and in your will to succeed. Trust your gut feel. Gut feel is not divine intervention, it’s something that your subconscious mind registers every moment of your life, analyses them and uses these analyses whenever if sees a red flag;

•    Winston Churchill, also a brazen India-hater, did actually manage to come up with credible ideas at times. He said, ““Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Success requires that you continue chasing it even if you fall flat on your face and break your nose. Consistency is a trick that has to be mastered if one is to succeed.

•    A healthy body houses a healthy mind. If you cannot keep yourself fit, then rolling over and dying is what we recommend. Success needs a lot of footwork. Be prepared for it.

•    Before going to work in the morning, take a look at your tasks-list for the day, and manage your time properly. Also make sure you stick to this time-table unless and until you are attacked my Martians and have a 20 kTon nuclear device dropping on your head. Deadlines are sacred; deadlines are sacrosanct; a deadline is a holy virgin, not to be touched.

•    Celebrate small successes too, that will arm you with a feel-good attitude, ready to take on the world. If you’re a Greenpeace activist, celebrate that you saved a whale that was washed ashore. You objective could be to bring about world-peace, but that shouldn’t stop you from patting yourself in the back. A journey of a thousand miles starts with that small insignificant first step

•    Success happens when you are at ease with yourself. When you’re working towards success, ignore all pressure from your management, your wife, and even your sweet old mother-in-law.
Try not to become a successful man, but a man of value is what Einstein said. Can the very thin dividing line between success and value be done away with? Stay tuned to this page.

These pointers are definitely not the entire list. If you have followed a pointer to succeed and that is not listed here, do mail us your ideas and we’ll definitely incorporate them in upcoming articles on how to succeed. 

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

10 Things to Do For Keeping the Teenagers Well Motivated

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People, especially parents, generally consider teenage to be the most delicate as well as difficult phase of life. This phase which marks the beginnings of a child turning into an adult is resplendent with numerous physical, mental and emotional changes in the young adult. Most often the actions and decisions taken during this phase of life have a deep impact on how the future of the child shapes up.
Given below are 10 important points that parents must follow to ensure that their teenager kids are motivated in the right manner. 

1.       Pay Enough Attention: One of the biggest mistakes that adults often make is not paying enough attention to teenagers. This makes the teenagers feel really ignored and creates a tendency to lose their confidence and sense of self esteem. 

2.       Give Them Ample Freedom: Since teenage is the 1st step moving towards adulthood, children in this critical phase of life should be treated in a different way. It is important to give them the opportunity to express their views and ideas and make their own decisions in some matters.  

3.       Let Them Learn From Their Mistakes: The best way for motivating the teenagers is to allow them in experiencing things on their own in the way they want. They should be given a bit more freedom enabling them to distinguish between good and bad and accordingly make the right choice. 

4.       Spend Quality Time With Them: Many teenagers feel that their adults are too busy to spend time with them. Spending even a few minutes exclusively with your teenage kid can go a long way in keeping them motivated.

5.       Don’t Laugh Off Their Problems: The worst things parents generally do, is that they consider the problems of the teenage kids totally insignificant. Although they might not be as critical as the issues that boggle most adults, teenage problems are definitely not a matter to be laughed off.  

6.       Be involved With Your Children: Just because the fact that teenage child is doing things in a different manner is not the reason to ignore them or show disinterest. Being involved with in the everyday activities of teenagers actually helps to bring out the best in them. 

7.       Practice the art of Patience: Most adults tend to forget the fact that every individual, including their teenage kids, has a right to have different views and opinions. So rather than becoming angry with them and shouting at them, adapting a patient approach would be more helpful.  

8.       Encourage teens By Rewarding Them: Nothing works better in motivating a teenager than appreciating an achievement, hardly matters even it is very small. So pamper your children and present them with a gift whenever they anything worth appreciating. 

9.       Treat Them As Young Adults: Discussing important things with the teenagers can make them feel very important and inspire them in doing better work. Sharing problems with them and seeking solutions for the same can also prove quite helpful. 

10.   Be A Parent Not A Control Freak: Finally it is important not to cross the thin line between being a parent and a control freak. Let your children flourish without being judgmental or comparing their actions with other kids or worse your own growing up years. 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5 Traits of Highly Successful People

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Success is the ultimate achievement. To taste success one is required to taste the failure at least once in a life time or may be many a time in several cases, than only importance of success is realised.

There are some who are born with the silver spoon, so they get the success and fame easily and it should be their understanding, teachings and raised up conditions which guide them on how to handle success, if they cannot enjoy the taste of ripen fruits (success) they will destroy it and make fruits of success get rotten.

Ducklins - Motivational BlogSuccess is like a bride, who chooses its groom on its own. In other words, a son of successful business tycoon/sports person etc may not be able to handle business or does not hold any interest in sports as his father used to. Success comes to those, who are talented and know how to handle it.

Now, what traits can make you recognize these ugly ducklings, out of those many successful...........…..,just roll down a bit…………………

Simplicity is Power -Motivational Blog  
Simplicity: A successful person always remains simple and his/her simplicity makes the person glamorous. Yes, simplicity connects them to the ultimate glamour world, the basic life style and simplicity reflects the taste of sophistication and down to earth nature. Sophistication does not mean the “attitude issue” but they understand conditions, deeply.

Self Management - Motivational BlogOrganized: Organized and well equipped not in the terms of handling emails and being in the meetings but wardrobe collections also play a big role.

Yes, deciding the attires to be carried on for the entire week or one night prior, minimise the pressure of guessing what to wear next day or for xyz meeting. Organizing wardrobe helps them making the decisions soon, not effective only on males but females too. Yes, ladies with organized wardrobes carry the outfits with confidence whether with or without the lings dangles or rest other accessories. Stepping to an organized closet helps a lot.

Rational Thinking - Motivational Blog
Rational Thinking with a twist of curiosity: They are open minded, that is they welcome every stupid idea if nothing comes out of that stupid idea at least that stupid can make people laugh or smile for a while. Always hold a backup plan if things do not come out with desired results and achieve their goal. Long story short they are Goal Driven and have clear vision, they just do not crib on the failure.

My Story - Motivational Blog“My way” story: They have a sense of originality that is they work their own way. They do not copy others but they have a sense, a vision through which they make the most neglected thing, noticeable and in demand by working in their own way and implementing their original ideas on it. There is no need to think much, if the idea is absolutely original but the ideas just keep popping.

Accept the new things - Motivational BlogAs it is: They accept the life as it comes to them, may be with a lot of failure, struggle, losing faith, criticism or they are born in the pool of success. They just take the life as it comes to them.

No matter what life they are living, which sector they are representing but they hold these traits, since birth. They are born with these traits in them and nobody can snatch these inbuilt traits from them.

Success is to those, who can handle it and take care of it in whatever way it comes to them.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

10 Motivational Movies That will Definitely Inspire You !

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Inspiration can be taken from each and every thing around us, from the smallest to the biggest, inspiration can be defined as that exact moment when you know that the deep desire inside of you, which was dying to be awakened is now alive and raring to go. From the fact that inspiration can be found anywhere and anytime the world is a true example of miracles and what motivation can do. One can get inspired with anything and watching a movie is a classic example.

Motivating oneself is not the easiest thing to do and when you don’t have anyone around you to motivate you, what do you do? The one thing I love to do is watch a film that makes me feel really good. Motivation may be needed in all sorts of situations and just for that, I am going to share with you guys a list of my top ten motivational films that will inspire you. But before that, I must let you know that there will be mainstream cinema in there too, because I feel that there is no reason to have a particular genre called motivational movies when you can take even the smallest scene in a film and be inspired.

My top ten inspirational/motivational films are:

1. Chak De! India – This hit SRK film is more than making a hit. After its release people started paying more attention to our national game and also motivated people to take up hockey instead of other sports. The biggest motivational factor in this film is to fight against the odds and overcome all problems. Check it out on

2. A Walk To Remember – Now, all of you must be thinking “What? How can a romantic movie be inspirational and motivational?” Well let me tell you that the genre doesn’t matter. The movie follows the story of two teenagers who fall in love and then the girl tells the boy that she doesn’t have time as she has cancer. The motivation here is that the boy against all odds does everything he can so that he can have whatever time he has with his beloved before she passes away. Check it out on            

3. Coach Carter – Another one of my favorites, the film is about a coach of a basketball team who goes on from being the man the team hates to their hero as they come together as a team. The sportsman spirit in this one is the real motivational factor. Check it out on
4. Soul Surfer – This is a true story inspired by the life of surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack. The truly inspiring part is how she fights back and recovers, not only to be okay but also that she fights her way back to professionally competing and coming back to win. For more, check it out on

5. Eat Pray Love – This real life story follows the journey that takes Elizabeth Gilbert to Italy, where she discovers friendships and regains faith in food. In India, where she gains spirituality and finally goes to Indonesia, where she finds love. The true inspiration is that one needs to get out of their comfort zone to find oneself, and when the time is right, all will fall into place. Check it out on

6. August Rush – This movie is more than a musical, it makes you want to believe every word that August says, right from listening to the music to being able to hear his parents. August Rush always inspires me to believe, every time I think that I can’t. Check it out on

7. Miracle - This miraculous film follows the story of Herb Brooks, a player turned coach, who lead the United States Olympics team to victory in 1980 Winter Olympics. The best part about this film is that it will motivate you as it goes, you will feel as though you are in the film, cheering them on. I always watched this before any big event in my life, you could try it too. Check it out on

8. Lagaan – This Aamir Khan starrer had to be on the list. Set in the time of independence, Bhuvan leads his local cricket team to victory against the English, while making the English lady fall in love with him and he settles with his village girl. The love story isn’t what made it come on the list, it was the fight in the characters of the story that made this an exceptionally well thought of period film. Check it out on

9. Rang De Basanti – Another Aamir Khan that deserves mention here. A contemporary take on the revolution from another time. It brings together four youths and unites them with values lost in their time. What I do love about this film is that no matter how many times you watch it, you will be affected deeper and deeper every time, always motivating me to do more than I can and always believe that I can start a revolution. The cast, story and direction take the motivational factor in this one to a whole new level. Must

check it out on

10. The Secret – For those of you, who’ve read it, would definitely agree with me when I say that there is nothing that can’t be done. Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling book is also a delight to watch, with the basic mantra of using the “Law Of Attraction”, we can simply achieve anything. This is on the list for obvious reasons. For those of you who want to know what they are, check it out on

Those were my top ten motivational films that I love to watch at any time of the day. What you guys need to do is figure out what inspires you and you’d already know what I am talking about. Let this article be an inspiration to find your motivation. Dream on and make them come true. Cheers!
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happiness Leads to Success , Learn How ?

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Happiness is more often, considered to be a state of mind and hence is associated with the things and activities that seem to please people.  However, many times people fail to find true happiness even after doing all the things that they like. This is because happiness is not just about feeling pleased in a specific situation, but is rather associated with the overall physical, emotional and mental well-being of individuals.

In order to overcome the high level of stress that has become an integral part of modern day living, it is important for individuals to learn about the ways of making happiness grow in their everyday life. People need to understand the basic fact that while achieving success in life is extremely important its relevance is only when they feel both emotionally and mentally happy about it. Hence, it is vital for individuals to adapt a lifestyle that includes things and activities which make them feel happy every day. 

Since every individual is different, it is very natural for them to be pleased by different things. While some might find spending a few minutes every day in meditation to be quite relaxing, others might consider a long walk or a good workout to be the perfect way to relax the mind and feel happy. What is important is to recognize the things that make you feel cheerful and take time out for them every single day.

Another factor that most people tend to ignore is the importance of spending time with family and friends. Man is a social animal and there is definitely no better way of relaxing the mind and the body than spending time with loved ones. People, who regularly follow the routine of spending even ten minutes every day with family and friends, tend to be happier than those who cut themselves off from society. 

Not many people realize the importance of a good diet in ensuring a happy and stress free life. Having healthy meals not only reduces the stress levels of individuals but makes them more energetic and happier. Hence being careful about the food you eat is definitely a great way of ensuring a joyous and peaceful living. 

One of the biggest hinders people from enjoying life to the fullest is their worry for future. Individuals need to understand that what is unpredictable cannot be controlled and hence worrying about it would only make them suffer in the present. So while it is important to be somewhat prepared for what might be coming, living one day at time is the best way to be happy. 

Finally, it is important to understand that not everything that you aspire for can be achieved. Rather than fretting about what might have been, it is wise to cherish what you have already got. Rather than focusing on the things that made your day worse, reflect on the ones that made you smile or feel good, even if for a short while only. 

In the end it is the choice that individuals make which matter the most in making their everyday living a fun filled and joyous experience.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Strong Your Time Management Skills? Take Expert Advice

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Throw that watch out the window to start managing your time better? Are we nuts! Not really, no. Managing time optimally is all about clearing the clutter inside your head. It’s not about becoming a slave to that $3,500.00 Rolex Oyster you wear to declare to the world that you’ve arrived.

Throughout recorded human history, there’ve been people who’ve changed the way we think, people who’ve rewritten the human knowledge-base, people who have acquired the status of demi-Gods, and in this crowd (in this lean-mean crowd to be precise), there have been people who hated watches. Einstein, for instance. There have also been people who’ve made their marks in world history, but have religiously made it a point to “be on time”, people who refused to be seen dead without their watches and clocks. One such man, closer home, is Mahatma Gandhi.

Einstein was out to rewrite the sciences as we know it. The Mahatma was out to free a country. But here we’re talking about people like you and me. Recent studies show that in the past five years, the sale of watches has gone down 17 percent worldwide, and even Einstein and the Mahatma would’ve agreed that when everybody’s wrong, everybody’s right.

Following are a few pointers that are crucial if you need up your time-management skills. You may like these, hate these, also say that this looks like the work of a pseudo-intellectual who has answers to every question under the Sun.

1.       Spend at least 30 percent of your workdays going over whether time-management on that day was good, bad, or ugly. 30 percent seems like it’s a very high figure. It, most probably, true also. But didn’t they teach you that you need to audit your entire day before hitting the bed. So, educating yourself is a primary task that will help you take better control of your non-sleep hours.

2.       Always promise less than you can deliver. You need some time out to review your day. If the boss asks you to set your deadline for a project and you know you can do it in one week flat, ask for 10 days. This mantra works. Not only will you be called a magician by your management because you are beating-the-deadline specialist, but also gives you the time needed to plan your next workday.

3.       Keep out of social networking when at work. With all due respects to Mark Zuckerberg, you do NOT need him to trespass into your thought process when you’re busy with something more important. Something such as doing a good job of whatever you have on your desk.

4.       Learn to say “No”. We’ve already seen that ladies who can’t say no somehow manage to get into trouble every alternate day. Make sure there are no distractions when you’re working.

5.       Don’t let phones and emails hijack your day. I know that anyone into a process like customer servicing will wish me a horrible death for writing this. But if you’re in some process other than these, you simply have to ignore calls and mails when at work.

6.       Always remember that your first loyalty is towards the end-user, not towards a career manager. So, the management wants you to review that computer game and write a critique for “War and Peace” in 90 minutes, say no. Do not take impossible deadlines that affect your quality. Your end user is not a moron, he can smell bulls**t from 50 kilometers away.

7.       Organize, plan your day and stick to it. This won’t require that you buy that obscenely expensive smart-phone. An Excel sheet will do.

8.       Keep a buffer period for unforeseen circumstances. You edit a newspaper. You’re waiting for a document for closing an article, a document that your research team said will take 30 minutes tops. When you’re informed there’s been a glitch and this document will take an hour to come, move on to something in your task-list that’ll take 30 minutes and get it over and done with. Don’t play “Doom Resurrected” on your laptop for those 30 minutes, you’re on company time.

9.       Don’t let unimportant details take your time. When you’re replying to a client query through mail, do not spend an hour in a debate with your boss on whether “make a decision” or “take a decision” is good English. Both usages are correct, script that mail and send it.

10.    Take a break. When you’re all pooped out after four hours on your laptop, take a break, have a coffee, go for a smoke, take time out to walk up to that ravishing new-hire in the next cubicle and tell her she’s looking devastatingly beautiful. Do anything except work when you need a break. Working with a tired mind affects the quality of your work, and this quality is non-negotiable.

These are pointers are just the first step towards making your work-plan more aerodynamic. The pointers that will help you take control over time. But these are not the only points. If you do have a pointer we missed here, just mail us and we’ll incorporate it in our subsequent time-management articles

This article has been written by Sakshi Bali. Get ready for more posts

Monday, April 15, 2013

How Lord Ram’s Values Help Us in Modern Corporate World? Ram Navami Special

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Since the MNC’s came into India the one fear that always bothered the Indians was that this era of corporatization would perhaps be responsible for forgetting our moral values. But that did not happen as the MNC’s knew how to cater to the Indian sensibilities. A long time has passed since and one can easily see that in the office space (of a corporate office), values from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are followed. These may not be exactly the same as written in these epics but as time has passed and changed, so have these values but only in the manner of acting them out and not the crux of it all.

The first and the foremost quality that one sees in a corporate set up is that of the hierarchy, which is the chain of command that is an essential part of the workplace. The one at the top of the pyramid is the leader and this leader has to exhibit certain leadership qualities, which can in most cases be seen as being similar to how with the help of ideals and values upheld by Lord Ram, he was able to fight a war with Ravana, and what’s the most important feature is that he did it by “playing by the rules” and fair and square. Such ideals and values are now important pre-requisites for various corporate companies that are willing to hire candidates for a particular job.

Another one of Lord Ram’s values that are followed in the corporate companies is that they are able to polish and refine leader’s to make them excellent teachers. These teacher’s (leaders) are then able to shape their protégés and mold them into becoming future leaders of their respective companies. But for this, the leaders require the compassion and understanding for which Lord Ram is known for. The corporate world may be a place of cutthroat competition, but by imbibing ideals and values of Lord Ram they teach you to be competitive and compassionate all at the same time.

Lord Ram was a man of ideals and also, he was an ideal man, an ideal son, husband, brother, King. So taking it from there the corporate world doesn’t expect its employees to be ideal in every sphere but they want an ideal worker which is why they look for leadership qualities and being able to work with a team. Moreover, other such concepts as deployment of work to subordinates and having a deputy in charge and outsourcing can all be seen as concepts and values taken directly from the Ramayana.

So let these words be a reminder to everyone in the corporate world and the non-corporate world, that no matter how new the technology or the idea is, we as Indians can proudly say that our tradition helps us to work to our fullest and give our best because of the traditional values that have been passed on from generations. May you all celebrate this Ram Navami with the blessings of Lord Ram and may prosperity and success be what you acquire by imbibing the values of Lord Ram.
Happy Ram Navami to you all. Jai Shri Ram!''

This article has been written by Taruna Hooda . Check his more excited posts.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Power of Feelings - The Path to Great Success

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Feelings, Emotions in a human make them living beings. Feelings or emotions are the source of inner expression or deliver to a message to the people around so that they can realise what is being said, written, sung or demonstrated through the mode of expression. The entire life of a human is full of feelings may love, respect, patience, jealous, envy, greed, hatred, loneliness etc. At every stage of life feelings play a vital role in expressions.

Success is something which one gets after hard work or some get it just like that may because it was in their fate. Whatever is the source of success, success is success which should be respected and treated well.

Success is like a white pearl- a symbol of purity which get fades if not treated well or get in touch with the air of boast, lust, disrespect etc. The pearl of success will lose its purity and will not taste the same as it used to. Feelings play a vital role when one achieves success; success is a taste of sweetness, relief and lightness. So once you taste the success enjoy it, feel it, live it and make it memorable. But please, avoid these Errrs……………….

    Falling Success
  1. Do not over do your success, long story short please do not over celebrate your success as it might lead to some negative thoughts and make some people jealous.
  2. Underestimate Fellows
  3. Do not underestimate the fellow competitors, do not show them that you are the best and what you did they could not because you never know when your days are finishing. Instead show them respect, highlight their brave steps or achievements so that they do not feel bad about your success. In every competition there is a winner if its you today, it could be someone else the other day.
  4. Success is a Mine
  5. Do not lose senses, when getting success. Work hard party harder principle should be followed but do not forget there is more to achieve. The present success does not end the story of your professional or personal life
  6. Success Story
  7. .Do not sleep on your success story, share it. The more you share the more the people are aware of your success story the challenges you faced in the journey and your success happiness gets multiplied. Be the reason of inspiration for others and share your inspiration story too.
  8. Individual Success
  9. Do not claim yourself an individual winner. Support the team spirit, make each of the team member part of the success story.
Last but not the least success tastes better when tasted in senses and when one is grounded. If one flies high in the air of boast, underestimating others one smashes hard on the ground in tiny uncountable pieces.

Author of this article is Iram. Add your email address for check his more articles.

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