Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Time to Fulfill your Duties- Wakeup Call

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Today,we live in a world where we don’t even have time for ourselves. Our lives are running like some superfast rally cars with no brakes installed. Today, we have trapped ourselves in the materialistic things which abstrain ourselves to live quality life.

God has given us bellies and we have to try best to fulfil it, but is it worth doing some task at the cost of another? This is the question which everyone should ask themselves. If we talk to people in context of quality life, most of them will end up with the concept of money. Can money buy you  comfort? ofcourse not, perhaps it can buy you all the luxuries. I am not denying the  importance of money but money can’t ensure smooth working of life.

Today’s busy man is having a load of duties to do but everybody is living in a society. People constitutes society. So, each person is having its unique role towards the society. A person should also value his personal growth, social growth not only financial growth. It’s not a tough task to give yourself a quality life. It only needs to take initiative. A person has to follow these duties:

DUTY TOWARDS PARENTS: What are the expectations of our parents from us. Do they want bags of money in return to their priceless love? Do they want us to take them on a world tour? Ofcourse not. All they want is love. Isn’t it’s our duty to realise all those sleepless nights which they spent during our childhood? Remember that time when your father used to be best friend of yours. Remember when your mother used to take you back from school. Nothing can pay for that purest form of love, but atleast we can deliver the same love to them.

DUTY TOWARDS YOUR HONEY(WIFE): How often you used to say those affectionate words which drives her crazy? How often you used to hold her hands after coming back from work? Isn’t it your love on which she have claim? A girl leave her life, friends, parents to put her in a new mould where she is recognised by your name. She sacrifices all her dreams to weave new dreams with a guy who is supposed to take care of her for the rest of her life; it’s your duty to pay attention to her for all the unconditional love she gave to you. Do everything to make her happy.

DUTY TOWARDS YOUR LOVELY KIDS: Remember the day when your baby stepped in this world. You must have felt the most proud person of the world.L
The time when he first said you “dad”,the time when he pulled your finger and start learning to walk. Nothing can be more pleasurable to them than your hug. Take your child in your arms and make him realise that you are still his best friend.
DUTY TOWARDS SOCIETY: Society is the platform which associates you with your surrounding world. Society gives us the identity; it’s also our duty to fulfill our part to society as being a member of it. Society includes your friends,neighbours,colleagues. When was the last time you said hi to your neighbour? It’s easy to make friends but hard to keep friendship alive. Give time to your friends.Don’t become so lazy to give a smile to your colleagues.

Pull out some time from your busy work schedule and fulfill all your duties. Don’t delay them, do them right at the moment. It’s good to rate yourself on a scale of “life you ever wish”. Find out, upto what extent you have succeed. Do necessary things to reach at a point called ”Perfect Life”.
“Don’t let others to knock the door of your heart,keep it open”.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Power of Team Work

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When we talk about team work,people generally think we are talking about the business term or corporate working system. Team work is related to every context of  life. Imagine a single task which we accomplish without the team work. Even when we walk, it can be described as  a coordination between many parts of our body like brain,eyes and legs.

When we eat something, firstly it goes to stomach where the major nutrients are absorbed. Then it goes to small intestine where the food particle get fine and  further nutrients get absorbed. It then goes to large intestine where the remaining nutrients are absorbed and the food is transform into excretable form. The energy absorbed from food is used to drive our body functions and excess energy is stored in liver. Imagine if a single organ of a body stops functioning . What will happen? That is the significance of team work.
You might have seen the group of  cankers(kidi) which use to carry big insect like dead cockroach and take it to suitable place and derive their food. Can a single canker accomplish this task?
Bees' make their hives in a scientific pattern. Can a single bee make such huge hives? Isn't it an example of team work?

Have you ever wonder how some organisation become so big that it even crosses country barriers. There is not some rocket science involved in the expansion of an organisation.

There is a great English quote involved in this context-"great business is not great by the amount of money it has,great business involve great team work ".


According to Hindu Mythology, there are DEVAS' who are responsible for every phenomenon happens in nature. Each DEVA is assigned his department. For example-rain and thunderstorm is assigned to INDRA, food is assigned to ANNAPURNA, fire is assigned to AGNI and many more. This nature works very  well due to team formed by the DEVAS. Each works on his assigned task effectively. One day, INDRA get angry on some issue and decided to go on strike.But all the other devas were doing their duties effectively. Rain was stopped by the  INDRA due to which crops got destroyed.ANNAPURNA become angry due to this, also went on strike. Now gods and people on earth both were starving.SUN was doing its duty and water was being evaporating which leads the clouds to accumulate lot of water. Suddenly,the clouds got burst and a lot of devastation occurred on the earth.

It also disturbed the natural cycle of nature. Then supreme god VISHNU got to know the issue and resolved it. After that everything started going as it was going before.

Team work plays it's role in every aspect of life.

To ensure the success of an organisation, a good team work is the key factor:
Qualities of a good team:

A:Aim High

A good team should be thoughtful in ideas they build up,ways by which they accomplish their task,opportunities they see in their work.

A good team should be Effective. There is no point of doing anything unless it is done in an effective way. There is no point of being  a speaker unless you words doesn't ignites the spirit of people. A good team should be effective in doing whatever task it is doing.

A good team should Aim High. Every individual,every organisation have some aim.
A Chinese proverb will best describe this: "if you aim to do something,then do it on a large scale".

A good team should have mastery in Management. It is the key concept which plays it's role in every aspect of life just like Team Work. Management in team is very important otherwise everyone will work randomly. Something is needed which align team in a specific direction so that the desired purpose is fulfilled.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Live and Work ! Set Your Priorities

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It’s the dream of every parent to see their children at a high position. Gaurav was the only child of his parents. After completing MBA degree he got a job in USA who was offering a handsome salary to him. He decided to go and settle down in the USA for 5 years. He announced that he will earn enough money in 5 years and will come back and buy a Bungalow in a good locality, His parents used to reside in one bedroom flat.

He worked very hard to earn more and more, even he was not having time for a call to his parents. After two years he started feeling lonely and decided to get married. He called his parents to India and told that he will be on Vacation for ten days only. So he wants every customs to be done within ten days. He came to India, got married to a nice girl. After getting married, he came back to USA giving some money to his parents and told neighbours to look after them.

His wife started enjoying this country for about two months. After that she started feeling lonely. The frequency of calling home increases twice or sometime thrice a week. His savings started diminishing.
After two years they started having kids. Two lovely kids, one boy another girl; his children often demanded him to visit their home country as they wanted to see their grandparents.

Every year they decided to visit their country but due to saving more money he constantly dropped the plan for years. It was the time when his parents were not doing very well. One night he got a letter from his parents that they wanted to see their grandchildren as they are in the last days and his father was very sick.

He dropped the plan as he was not getting holidays from office. He tried hard but he didn’t get any holiday some days ago, a letter came to him which shocked him. His parents were no more. His neighbours had done whatever they could do in their last time. Even the last rights were performed by his neighbours. He decided to go back to his home country after winding up from USA. He tried to buy house in India but he found himself short of money from his savings as the property prices were hiked up in the last few years. He decided to go back to USA but his wife refused to go back with him.

He promised her wife to come back in another two years. As he was working in USA, years passed by. His daughter married to a guy in the USA and his son decided to settle down there. He finally decided to go back to his country. He came back to India and buys a two bedroom flat. Now he is 60 and his wife is no more. He usually resides alone and asks himself this question---What he has gained after compromising everything in life? Is it just 1 bedroom? His father lived in his own country and enjoyed everything and still able to manage to have one bedroom flat and he ruined all his life and in the last he just gained another bedroom.

Now perhaps after he will die, it will be the neighbours again who will be performing his last rights, God Bless them! But the question still remains the same – ‘was all this worth just for an extra bedroom flat finally?’

He is still searching for an answer…………….!!!!

It’s good to work hard for a balanced successful life. It means to ensure your health, family, relationships, and mental state all in good order.
There is no point of getting promotion on the day of your breakup. There is no fun in driving a car if your back hurts. Shopping is not enjoyable if you are full of tensions.


One of the yoga teachers used to make student laugh during classes. One of the students asked him if these jokes would take away something from yoga practice. The teacher generously replied that Life is not to be taken seriously as we are temporary here. We are like a prepaid card with limited validity. If we are lucky, we may last another 50 years. And 50 years is just 2,500 weekends. Do we really need to get so worked up? It’s ok, bunk a few classes, goof up a few interviews, fall in love. We are people, not programmed devices.

People trap themselves in the rat race for the whole life and finally end up at nothing. Don’t be serious, be sincere.

For perfect life balance –develop your own rules. Choose between, what is important and what is urgent?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goal Setting is Essential ? Find Out

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Even on a Best Sunny Day if you keep moving the most powerful magnifying glass, it will not ignite the paper but it will light up if you focus and hold it this is called the power ofconcentration.

A man was travelling and stopped at intersection. He asked an old man that where does this road take me to? The old man asked that where do u want to go? The man replied “I don’t know”. Then the old man said “choose any road”, what the difference it makes.

It is the same thing like all the football players in a team are ready to play the game, all cheered up. And someone took the goal post away. There will be nothing left to the game. 

How you know where you have arrived?

Enthusiasm without direction is like body without soul. Enthusiasm put in the right direction leads to the greatest achievements of life.

Goal setting works due to some reasons. Goal setting works very well because it creates motivation and forces people to achieve the desired results. Imagine your dream as a ladder and each rung as goal. While climbing each rung, gets you closer to the top of the ladder.

Dr. Stephen covey in his famous book the seven habits of highly effective people said we all have roles to play in life and to be effective in these roles, we need to create intention for each role.

There is a great quote by bill Copeland (the great American poet, writer) if you don’t have a goal in life, you are spending your life running around and not achieving anything for yourself.

Everything in this world created twice: first, creation in mind followed by manifestation in reality.

Without mental creation, there will be no physical creation. When you set any goal you fulfil the first criterion. Half of the creation is complete.

There is a Chinese proverb regarding importance of goals

* If you don’t scale the mountain, you can’t view the plane

Start setting S.M.A.R.T goals:

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Attainable
R: Relevant
T: Time oriented

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ways to Boost and Sustain Your Energy during Tough Time

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Learn, How to Sustain Your Energy?

Energy loss during tough time is a popular somatic signs, which could bring in things like depression. The more energy you lose the more you are going to confine yourself in the bed and thus avoid activities, which will help you feel better during the bad times. However, you would find a number of people ending up trying temporary methods including having lots of coffee, which could boost your energy for a life, but it comes at a cost of some repercussions. Or try sleeping too much, which could even backfire, thus making things bad to worse. The following are the best ways to boost and sustain your energy during the tough time.

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