Monday, February 11, 2013

What is Positive Attitude and How does it Help You? [PPT]

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I have read about many successful people who have became successful just because of their positive attitude and they have built up successful career in their life, but when I share same thought with my friends about their success so often they raise a question. Do you know any of them personally? Is any body become successful in front of your eyes?

Some days ago I met with a guy, he is now working in HP (Hewlett Packard) INC. as supply chain's country manager position. He had started his career in executive position only in some small company and he belongs to lower middle class. Yeah of course, he is my good friend.

Again I have an instance belongs to MLM industry where in I have met with great salesman but pursuing his graduation in Engineering. His father is in Indian Army and reside somewhere in Guwahati and friend of mine resided in Delhi at rented home for pursued his graduation and he has built successful network of more than 1 lac people in this industry. Now you can guess, how much he had been earning weekly?

These both guys have common traits one of them which I am talking about Positive Attitude.

Above are very few short examples, I am sure as I grow more in my life I will be meeting with many successful people and don't worry, very sure I will share my own success story in this Blog very soon as I achieve my goals, literally.

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