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Law of Least Efforts - Learn How to Apply ?[Included Video]

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Do you know fourth law of spiritual success according to Deepak Chopra? It is law of least efforts. We are having a law in nature where things grow without any resistance from very less efforts.

Did you ever try to observe nature? How exactly its take shape? If you observe you will find, Grass doesn’t make efforts to grow. It just grows.  Fishes don’t learn swimming, they swim only. Birds are flying effortlessly and lots of others instances too available in nature. Human dreams are having power to manifest into reality – easily and effortlessly. [Law of least efforts by Deepak Chopra].

According to old philosophy of Indian saints, you have to do nothing hard to accomplish everything. The ideology behind this thought is you reach to the state of mind where you do not practice hard in work and accomplished everything. This is an expression we called law of least effort.

A simple answer of this question is when your actions are praised by love. This happened when you try to chase people with your love instead of power. Actually when you want to achieve wealth only to satisfy the ego your energy flows into a wrong way. In simple words you like to possess money for yourself only, you break the flow of energy and interfere into nature’s intelligence. When your actions are motivated from love, your energy multiplies itself and also has been capable to create anything you want. Yeah, you‘ve heard correctly you can also generate unlimited wealth.

You have to follow three steps and have to become habitual of it: 

1.    Practice Acceptance – You have to commit yourself today, whatever the situation you might be face today; the kind of people you meet even you don’t like them prior or other unfavorable circumstances etc should be accepted now. Accept them completely. Remember you won’t have to wish for things, you have to accept them as it comes in reality.

2.    Take the Responsibility – After accepting the things in a real face now the time to take responsibility for your whole events you carried or seems as problems only. This doesn’t mean only to stop to blame others included yourself. Problems should be also carried over like Opportunity because in this case, it will allow your mind to having advantage in a right way.

3.    Become a Defenseless – Don’t try to validate your point, even you know you are correct. Accept all kinds of point of view from today.
Hopefully, this theory will end your doubts in the mind. I would like to clear it; this post is completely inspired from Deepak Chopra’s Law of Least Efforts. Get more cleared Idea [Law of Least Efforts for Positive Thinkers -[Inspirational PowerPoint].
To know completely about Deepak Chopra's law of least efforts, learn from himself. Watch this following Video : -

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