Saturday, January 26, 2013

7 Principles of Success [With Inspirational PPT]

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Nature has some Principles and laws of everything like Baby born in 9 months; Farming possible with seeds only; every action opposed an equal or same reaction and many more. In the same way there are some laws of success or say Principles. Before expecting the success in your life you can't deny to follow some principles & laws. 

Did you try to know ? What is the fundamentals of success? Here underneath, I tried to explain :

Very First Principle : Hard Work

"There is no substitute of Hard Work" Proverb. To be successful in a life, to become an achiever, you don't need to master in Rocket Science. A very simple philosophy can make you even successful like business tycoon Bill Gates because first step of success starts from very big commitment i.e. It is important of Hard Work only (No pain, No gain).

Second Principle : Determination

"Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win"; this is the main determinant of personality. Are you determined for a success in your sphere? If you are ready then never think about quitting, Dude ! Until you get ready for success, it will not work for you. Edison had failed so many times at the time of inventing the Bulb; after he became successful, he took this thing as Inspiration and said "I know 2000 impelled ways by whom Electric Bulb can't made"

Third Principle : Zest for Life

"Wake up Every day like it is your last", are you truly living your life? What was the best day you remember till after long time? See, there might be lots of responsibilities over you, but you have lots of things that can make your day more special than any other day. You have to keep open the eyes only and see laughter; funniest moments; happiest people and much more. Never miss them and Ya ! (Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish).

Fourth Principle : Love Others

"Love is all you need" Proverb. Do I need to explain it?

Fifth Principle : Be Ambitious

"He who opens his heart for ambition, closes it for the rest" Chinese Proverb; you have to have the thirst for success [and learn mantras for successthen world is yours; there is no day one success which should expect by the way. This is the step by step process that makes your ambition more stronger and powerful.

Sixth Principle : Develop the Habits

"Habit is the sixth sense that dominates the other five" Arab Proverb; I have shared so many posts on Habits in this Motivational Blog and definitely, our life is slave of our habits. Your behavior, attitude, and other things are nothing much your habits which have evolved year after year. Try and definitely you can come out from Bad Habits. This is the force of Habit.

Seventh Principle : Focus

"Think of many things, do only one" Proverb; when you don't remember two things at the same time it means you are focused. Clear your vision towards the goal and start Focusing over them. Learn more how to focus

I have bonus Powerpoint for you, Get ready to learn more from following Inspirational PowerPoint. It will not teach you only also give you some more Ideas for Success.

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