Friday, August 10, 2012

INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL - Rang De Basanti Inspiring Scenes

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This year On 15th August 2012, 65 Years of Independence come on front and stand against corruption. This will be our invocation for our Country, India.This time we will not only stand against corruption even also will try to learn the real meaning of Independence Day. On this Special Occasion ,Recall Martyr Great Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and all Revolutionary.

Share your speech with us on below comment column. We will publish all the speech in our upcoming Independence day special posts.

Watch Rang De Basanti Scene where drunk and wandering youth discussing something unique about their country but a soldier inspire them to stand for the country alone if you have dare.

On the other hand, when their soldier friend die for his country civilians and because of corrupted politicians. See the new face of youth where he still have fire for the country and give patriotic speech

When all youth who had stand against their country and politicians for some time ago. After the friend's death, their blood burn and stand against the corrupted politicians. Watch how country politics made this non
violence protest to violent.


When their non violence act has failed and his friend's victim mother went into comma due to this violent act. So, they had no choice but they stand against the system and have killed the high authority politician. After with braveness they come forward and confess their done job. Why did they do that and is this the solution


What we are looking for?

After watching above all stuff, you might be angry but how will you stand against them? Vote to the right person, party and protest along with 21st century non violence soldier like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Kejriwala etc. Our country waiting for your act.

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