Monday, April 30, 2012

7 Habits Avoid by Successful People

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7 Habits Avoid by Successful People
May you have read about 7 habits of highly successful people, now the time to read about those habits avoid by highly effective people. It is also be useful to find those habits and that try to hold you back.
One interesting thing about these kinds of habits has become normal in day to day life. So, we don’t notice it. This is the cause its hardly try by us to change.
I know there are several more habits which you need to change but here 7 detailed things affecting your life badly.

1.      Avoid showing up

Woody Allen says “Eighty percent of success is showing up”.  It is the simplest things and hard thing simultaneously that you can get more success after ensuring show up. For suppose, if you want to maintain your body then you must go to Gym and improve your health. On someday your motivation is low and not feeling good. Instead to relax at home you should go to Gym and exercise like any other day.

If you don’t make any excuse for you then having all things just go there and show up at the gym. Trust me this will improve your body faster than any other exercising day.
This same thing applies at most areas of your life. If you work constant every day, this will improve quickly. If you work on goal at daily basis, this makes a difference. Avoid showing up will not get you anywhere.

2.    Not to keep your work shorts

Start your morning with positive momentum and makes your whole day pretty productive day.
Don’t take high stress at one time. Split your task into various small actionable steps. Focus on the first step then do this until its finished, take next step after this. You can meditate before start your routine day. There are Paraliminal meditation course will so much useful for you and far more productive than other thing. Just lying over the bed and listen it in relax state
for 20 minutes.

3. Avoid essential tasks

It’s easy to get busy in unessential matters and procrastinating useful things. To make yourself more productive you should follow time management rules. Pareto principle says “you will get 80 percent of your results by 20 percent of your tasks and other activities”. You do have to focus most of your energy at essential tasking to be more productive.

4. Thinking too much.

Thinking on specific topic is good but over habit of this can dig you deeper and deeper. At one point, it gets useless. To analysis the ups and downsides of things are good but this also the fact to get deeper will far you from actions. Instead to waste time on analysis everything, I advise you to take action. Prevent the habit of thinking too much

5. See the Half Empty Glass

Every coin has two aspects so why would you see only one negative aspect? Hope is the only key of highly successful people and pessimistic people lose it quickly due to their negative view point.

6. Avoid Inner Voice Due to Outside Cling

If you ready to cling with your ego and outsiders pressure so definitely your inner voice get missed.

7. Access irrelevant information

Einstein “I don’t fill my mind with that informative stuff which I can know anytime in General Knowledge book after spend few bucks to buy

We are living in information era and every year information gets double. So, you don’t need to store every piece of information in your mind. So, pickup the useful things and avoid to access irrelevant information.
Please share the experience about your habits, speak up here by comments.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

10 Lessons of Richard Branson Life

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Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group Richard Branson lives his life with passionately. You can learn 10 lessons by Richard Brandson life. How could you make yourself more successful ever?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Keep Hope, Success Just a Step Away !!

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Once upon a time, there were 4 candles were talking to each other...

1st - I am PEACE, no one needs me & it went off...
2nd - I am FAITH, nobody believes in me & it went off...
3rd - I am love, nobody cares for me & it went off...
4th - I can show light to three of you, I am HOPE & I last forever..!!

Life is tough...Let's never lose hope...

Every time I read the history I have found only one thing. Those legends that keep hope in themselves won over worst circumstances because everything has their right time to happen. Every man has their own time to win. Some people get success in very limited period but some took lots of time to happen. It was hope only what helps them to create history. If Edison lost his hope after attempting 10,000 times failure so definitely we don’t have lights today. After face business
deficit, if Wright brothers lost their hope so is there any airplane today? It is difficult to say.

These two examples are sufficient to say the whole story of hope. It is the key for success.

Are You Focusing on Problems or Solutions?

Sometimes when no hope left so there is worst things started to happen. I have seen various average people around me who always focus on problems instead to search out their solution. For suppose business not running as it was expected. I don’t know if I will be able to run this business anymore? bla bla bla !!

Above than average men will consider over the solutions instead focus on problems. Those people who will try to search the solution may talk in that way how do I make this business profitable? How to add some new products and run my business more effectively? It’s always the hope works.

I am not saying without putting real effort any optimistic or pessimistic person could get successful. Your hope should present in your deeds, on the other hand with optimistic attitude you can keep yourself awaken and healthy too.

 Many people those who chosen quitters way, found very strange thing they were just a step away before he/she quits. After their greatest failure, there were a historical success was the step away. So, keep efforts and hoping for the best.

Is this article 1% impact on you? So, give hope to me and put the comment here….

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fearless Life, Is it Possible?

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Do you know we have very strange fears in our mind? Our ignorance is big mistake as we don’t understand the nature. We neglect various things of nature. How does it work? How its produce the results? Just change the way we live, we can produce extravagant results in various aspects of our life.
I always try to understand the nature. I try to define the ways of karma for our life. While ago I have read the quote,

When you come to a wall, you can either climb it, or you can simply walk around until you find a door.
-- God says, when faced with a wall, tries to find doors.

This quote sounds very ease while we face the wall we can cross it easily. At that time, it’s totally confused & compelled us. Every person has an option while he can retreat from the situation wall or have choice to search out the best way for himself.

I will continue very soon with a solution & examples of those people who search out the doors successfully and change their situation. If you have any experiences, please share here with comments.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Are you Afraid ?

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As human being, there are lots of things we don’t know about life and laws of nature. It is the cause we have very imaginative fears in our mind. We have perception about tomorrow. The day has not come yet, but we think about it and afraid from it.

Practically, this is not possible that we won’t think about tomorrow. Our brain generates 60,000 thoughts every day. So do we able to control every thought? Scientifically it is not possible because as per the scientific research our eyes doesn’t capture only the things which we have been seeing directly but unknowingly our brain capture more than we see with direct eyesight.

Is Brain capable to filter the thoughts?

Yes. It’s completely works on basis of your attitude. If you have been seeing the things in positive way, your brain filter the thoughts with that attitude vice versa with negative thoughts. You can reduce your fears, after control over the mind.

Why we afraid?

Its directly impose by our brain.  Many of us get scare when we think in negative sense. For suppose, a housewife may think how will I manage, if my husband will have an affair with other woman.

A professional could think how his career will grow? His boss and colleagues should be supportive with him always. Every human has own fears, more its basis on perception of non existence elements.

Is fear worthless?

See, no body knows what will happen tomorrow and how we could make a perception of those things until it happens? I read a motivational quote while ago

Dear tomorrow, Do whatever you want to do. I have already lived my today and I am not afraid of you anymore.
--by Unknown

If you are busy to work hard. You are living your today with joy and happiness. I definitely assure you, no one else could stop to make your future brighter except you.

How to make a living worthwhile?

Think positive and give your best performance in your every work. Don’t live only for yourself. Devote some of your life part in Social activities.

Mantra: “Sometime time playing tough role in our life , but as life cant stop due to anything, so stop think negatively, analyze your failure see what left in your effort and do it again..

If you find this post unique and thoughtful so please post a comment or share your any positive experience of life “where you convert the failure into success”?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Does God Exist?

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 I have a friend who always put the question mark on God Existence. He used to say “to whom we can’t communicate directly, how could we sure that if somebody presence here”? Like him, there are lots of people who put the question mark on God existence. What do you think, will god punish them? I must say ‘No’ because God is not the human. God doesn’t hate their children even when they deny their existence. God is not present in tangible way.  If we want to give some name or definition to God, so we are unable to do this. I am saying it because I have faith in God. I have little idea of its power.
I respect those people also who doesn’t show faith in God because they need strong answer to their question. I try here to answer the question, may some of them like it and some of them again deny insentient.

Are you ready for Inner Journey?

Suppose, my friend does a job of web developer and when he born, was he sure? He would become the web developer and from starting was he practicing of codes? I guess ‘No’.
In fact nobody think in that way. We learn by our experiences, interest and give direction to our career. He spent many hours to understand then practice. After it he has applied for a job. In same way, we have one more journey along with materialistic life. This is spiritual journey.

We are spending quality time in our offices, at our home in front of computer/TV, but at the same time we have been ignoring many other things.  How many of us spending the time on inner journey? How many of us try to search out the real motto of our life? How many of us try to understand our nature?

When we are not ready to spend the time and learn the spiritual lessons, take spiritual experiences even don’t try to establish communication with God. So, how does it possible even us won’t be able to understand the way it works?  We live in this nature but we are ignorant with many laws of nature. People who put the question mark on God existence. They should understand one thing before the telephone get exist. We were not able to communicate with our far away relatives also.

I think, God believer and non believer both should spend some time with nature to communicate with him until any scientist invent a telephone who made a direct call to God. God is with us all the time but we don’t know how to talk him?

Mantra: Like various other things, learn the magic of nature. Just devote sometime with yourself because those people who communicate with their self, they talk to God also. They got something and that others are missing. Read about Lord Buddha

If any of you have an interesting comment or experience…Please share with us……………………….

Friday, April 20, 2012

You are the Biggest Loser?

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 “Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners”

If you don’t know how to win, it is absolutely fine because no body in this world born with all brilliant skills and perfection. Some of successful guys may be genius but many of them‘re not genius either. They were imperfect guys with lots of failure. These guys named it experience. Whose name you want to take?

First of all Steve Jobs, after it other business tycoons like Dhirubhai Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal. In Scientists Einstein, Edison, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. In movie stars Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Jim Carrey etc.You can read about them anytime and you will find lots of imperfection in their life but at last they won.

They didn’t stop at one place. They have done lots of hard work to build their destiny. I know many of us think “they must be a lucky”. I support your words, ya absolutely they were lucky but do you know what was unfair with them? Their circumstances were completely opposite but still they were lucky because they knew if they stop so no body would come at their place and offer them successful life. At that time when other people were thinking, their stars has fallen sudden the waves come and every unexpected things has started to fair with them.

Hope is the raw material of losers

I really don’t know how to win. Only one thing I know. I call it “Well Hope Formula”. Do your deeds with absolute perfection and this perfection come after lots of imperfect works we do. We called it “Practice”. Those players who do lots of imperfect things and they absolutely know. They can do as many mistakes while practicing because when they are in field, they don’t go there to quit, they play to win only.

Mantra: “Don’t lose hope, while losing the hope means you are biggest loser. I believe there's an inner power that makes winners or losers. The winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.

If you like this article and have any comments for me or for any motivational quote or your experiences to share……………Please comment here…………

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Are you worried financially?

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There are 60% American citizens who mainly worried about their finances and in India, it could be 80%. American citizens are one of the highest earners in the world. So, why people struggle financially for their whole life? You are reading this post it means you might have financially worries. How to recover financially?  

Firstly I want to clear, in this motivational blog I have been picking up this topic because it is the main reason of millions people worrying in day to day life. After read this post, if any body could get motivated and seriously consider positively about financial freedom that means I have won.

Why people suffer financially

It is my thought. People don’t struggle financially due to lack of resources. It means they have been missing something else. It is lack of motivation. We able to create an inspiration here but people should be self motivated to tackle every problem because when usually you fall. You see yourself lonely who suffer from many personal pressures. So, at that time only your heart could show you the right way. For this you should be prepared by own.

How to recover financially?

Again, I have been repeating it here. If you are confident that every thing will get fine or you don’t have any other choices listen to your inner voice. Don’t choose the quitter’s way.  Remember one thing “Success comes from inside, don’t try to search it outside”. As the worries get raises, even it will also be gone away. You have to propel on your path constantly.  It is your past deeds, you struggling financially. Improve your current deeds and recover from your all worries".

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are you Self Motivated?

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Motivation is an external source that controls and sustains certain behaviors. With multiple approaches to motivation ranging from physiological and behavioral to cognitive and social, it is a crucial element in setting and attaining various goals in life. A self-motivated person can achieve great heights and can influence own levels of motivation and self-control. The push motives of motivation are linked to the internal forces like the need to relax and enjoy to the fullest at the beach and pull factors can force certain actions due to external forces.

Motivation can help open a Pandora of ideas

Motivation can be described as a process that leads to the forming of developmental objectives. Self-determination is a result of intrinsic motivation, driving a positive behavior. Our desires motivate our actions and define our personalities like curiosity, tranquility and vengeance amongst others.

Positive attitude

Motivation leads to a positive attitude and when the person follows a positive approach, it opens up a Pandora of ideas to perform various activities effectively and efficiently. Motivation acts as an aid to inspiration for a person to perform better and be a good human being or act and react in a particular way, which is appealing to everyone around.

Motivation and inspiration

Remember that motivation and inspiration are two different sides of a coin. If motivation helps you bring new ideas to the table, inspiration comes from within to implement those ideas. Staying motivated can be a struggle for some people and can be assaulted by negative thoughts and anxiety about various aspects of life during one’s existence.

Primary reasons to lose motivation
could be lack of confidence, lack of focus or lack of direction amongst others. Such reasons could prohibit you from thinking and boosting you to explore new opportunities. Always try to focus on gratitude and create a mental list of your strengths. This will help you to rejuvenate your confidence and get you motivated to think positively and generate new ideas.
Know what you want. Once your objective is clear in your mind, you are able to perform better and the positive results will get you motivated. Focus on activities that can bear constructive results. Keep a track of your tasks and divert your energy towards tasks that lead you towards success. This will aid in creating a positive momentum, thereby keeping you motivated.

Promote positive reinforcement

You can then create long term goals and promote positive reinforcement of thoughts and feelings. You will experience days of dullness and melancholy, when you will be low on energy and your motivation levels will go down. By being confident and self-encouraging, you can propel yourself to success. This will bring back your motivation levels.

Take a break from your normal routine

On days when you feel low and de-motivated, take a break from your normal routine. Do different things that make you feel happy and satisfied? Once you regain your confidence and are high on energy, your increased inspiration levels will make you move towards exploring new things, leading to a path of success. This feeling of achievement will get you motivated again and help you move into a cycle of thinking of new ways to do things and help ponder new ideas to succeed.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets and very health conscious. She is planning to buy a burns first aid box for herself. These days she is busy in witting an article on ecofriendly flooring.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Go and Win the Battle of Life

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We humans have brain and able to think about present, past and future. Human is able to ruin the forest and the life of other beings. Many times it happens with us. We don’t know how to do the things? Same as right now I am feeling while writing the post. It happens while we disturbed due to some bad activity around us. Our concentration doesn’t associate with us so easily.

I have moved 3 times while writing this post but after spend one hour out there I am ready to move on and finish up this article. Sometimes with negative thoughts, we see the world as hell and with positive thoughts it seems wonderful every where. I am not here to give you the guru mantra instead I have been sharing some practical view to win the battle of life.

What is the Battle of Life?

Different people have various views on it. So, choose your own view by yourself because I can’t impose my thoughts over you. My meaning for battle of life here, we people didn’t have any option except to born on the earth. So, in whatever situation we born, we have to spend our lifetime on this earth either we can choose to live happily or go on death bed before time call us. Every person has their own life to battle.

How to win it?

Many people used to say “this thing was not in my luck” so I have failed, but in many posts like you will definitely win and many times through my quotes I admonish you.
You loose, when you quit.

If you are trying to accomplish the target so, still you are in battle. If you feel that you don’t have any choice except to surrender.  I highly recommend you “Use a prayer method”, take the motivation, read the motivational quotes of legendary people.

After follow your heart, you will find the right track. Trust me !!

If you find above topic interesting and have been agreed that prayer & follow your heart always work so, please share your experience with me and my readers……..

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