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5 Inspirational Independence Day Speech [Videos]

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 Today 15th August is Independence day of India. This Nation has been grown up and celebrating its 64th Independent birthday. India is the Youngest nation of the world because of their proud youth. At this time we are in a mood to celebrate our nations' freedom birthday as well salute proud freedom fighters, by those we are cherishing today's emerging India. Our nation has been changing very widely and fast, now the moment to change our self and standup with Anna Hazare to make this nation corruption free.

I have been sharing 5 Dialogues of Hindi Movies which really inspire you to standup for the nation and make it shining India............Show your aggression for good cause and Be A PROUD INDIAN......

Click on the links below and Follow Independence Day Speech.......

Sunny Deol Inspirational Independence Day Speech Against Terrorism

Our World Famous Sunny Deol dialogue delivery style makes him outstanding and also make us aggressive every time when he played the role of proud police officer. Watch this Speech of his Movie INDIAN.

Nana Patekar Independence Day Speech for Hindu Muslim Unity

Nana Patekar is known for his aggressive attitude and his famous aggressive role in his movies specially like Krantiveer and Tiranga. In this 64th Independence day, learn about Hindu-Muslim Unity. Why we human fighting with each other just the sake of God's name whether we all know God is One and Every religion only has one mission to spread love.

Paresh Rawal Independence Day Speech Against Corrupted Leaders

How the one man can change the nation's life completely learn this Independence day by this Speech. In this Movie Nayak, Paresh Rawal is motivating Anil Kapoor to stand in election and out the corrupted political leaders from the state.

Vikram's Indepdence Day Speech Against irresponsible Indians

Among this corrupted bureaucrats and leaders how the common man can play their role seriously and change the fate of its country completely. Learn this Independence Day your duty towards the nation unless you or your children have to pay for this.

Amitabh Bachchan's Independence Day Speech for The Common Man

This Independence Day learn the real meaning of freedom. How to free from fears and take step towards your Rights? What is the Power to Say MAIN AZAAD HOON, Know the real meaning inside of you.

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