Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Motivation Note !!

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Some people find it easy to get motivated. Most people find it difficult to stay motivated. So many individuals start out with a positive disposition only to find themselves back in the same slump later. Everything is life is based upon opposites: lows and highs, dark and light, good and evil, backwards and forwards.

The key concept is to realize that no one ever experiences the same thing all the time. There will be times when a person may feel compelled to do something. There are other times when they may not. People that are truly motivated know that this will happen. The difference, however, is that they know how to get back into the swing of things when this happens. They resist the urge to wallow in their misfortunes. These people know how to ride the motivational loop.

Goal-setting is usually a great motivational tactic because it gives people some to look forward. It's hard to be focused or disciplined to do something without any clear path. Short and long term goal-setting can put a person in control of their destiny. It gives a person a sense of accomplishment.

An outline of goals should be written on paper rather than typed. It's okay to have a detailed plan typed, but a general outline of the goals should be written down. The processing of writing goals allows people to really connect with what they are thinking about before transforming it to paper. The goals should be placed in plain view and looked upon daily.

It's easy to get discouraged on the path to accomplishing goals, but this is where other tactics come into play. People can motivate themselves by talking through it. This may seem a little strange at first, but it can become quite empowering if it is practiced. Individuals can speak positive affirmations about themselves as they get dressed in the morning. Encouraging words can even be spoken during a morning commute. People can speak encouraging words anywhere that they feel comfortable. A mental thought that is verbally expressed reinforces the mental thought. It's psychological warfare on any negative thoughts that may be surfacing.

Don't worry when motivation wears thin. Low moments will come, but it's much easier to get out of a slump when you are expecting them. You can mentally prepare because you are not caught off guard. This is where the motivational loop comes into play. Pick yourself back up and start back at the beginning with a review of your goals. Throw other motivating tactics into the mix. Surround yourself with friends that are motivated. Take a break and get rejuvenated. Reassess those things that motivated you originally and do them all over again., home of HP coupon, has presented this message. The highly motivated team at FatWallet also provides consumers with best money saving tips and deals, through coupons, forums, and discounts.

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