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Six Common Characterstics of Highly Successful People in Today's World

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It has been observed that successful people share common personality characteristics. If you want to be successful like today’s successful personalities (i.e. Anil Ambani, Mark Zuckerburg, M.S Dhoni, Steve Jobs, Ekta Kapoor etc), then it advisable to adopt their common personality characteristics. I am summarizing below the key personality characteristics of today’s successful personalities:

1. Dare to Dream Big: Most of the successful personalities share this characteristic. People who dare to dream big always excel in professional life. One such example is of Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of a social networking website named “Facebook”. He started Facebook with a big dream. Now he is one of the youngest successful billionaires of the world.

2.  Passion for Work: It is one of the key personality characteristics shared by most of the successful personalities of the today’s world. Success is about passion. If you want to be successful then work hard madly in a right direction. If passion is in your body to excel then nobody would be able to stop you. One such example is of Ekta Kapoor. She started her television serial production career with a passion to excel. Now she is one of the top television serial producers.

3.  Clear Goals and Clear Focus: Most of the successful personalities started their career with clear goals and clear focus. Now they are at the top of success. One such example is Narayana Murthy. He founded the Infosys Technologies Limited with clear goals and clear focus. Under his leadership Infosys become one of the best IT companies of the world.

4.   Experimental/Risk Takers:  Without risk there is no gain. Be experimental and follow your heart and strike with full energy and focus. The best example of risk takers/experimental is M.S. Dhoni, the captain of Indian cricket team. He is very popular for risk taking. He always follows his heart. Under his leadership Indian team won 2011 World Cup.

5.  Overcome from Failures and Bounce Back:  Success and failure are parts of life. Never give up your aim if you meet with failures. Bounce back with a fresh spirit and achieve your target. One such example is of Vikram Pandit, the Indian origin American CEO of Citigroup. In 2007, he was being criticized for being a failure and incompetent CEO. He bounced back with excellent strategies and now he has been awarded with $23.2m retention award making him one of the highest paid CEOs.

 6.  Great Learner : Learning is one of the important key characteristics. People who are great   learner usually excel in their professional life. You can learn from success, failure, experiences, books, seniors, juniors, common man etc. No matter you are young or aged, you need to learn with the same spirit.

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