Thursday, May 26, 2011

Develop the best 5 Effective Habits to Move out of Your Comfort Zone

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Do you want to be successful like renowned personalities? Do you want to be at the top of your career? Then it is the right time to come out of your comfort zone. A “comfort zone” is a static condition of a person where he or she delivers a performance in a fixed manner without giving extra efforts or taking risks.

Comfort zone inhibits personality, professional, emotional, psychological and social development of a person. I am summarizing the best 5 effective habits that will help you in moving out of your comfort zone:

1.   Analyze Yourself: Well self-analysis is one of the effective habits that help in coming out of a comfort zone. Analyze your life. Do you think that you are leading your life in the right direction with full of success? Sit in a serene area and analyze all the common errors that you are repeating in your life. Promise yourself that you will not repeat same errors in your future life. Try to make a habit of analyzing your whole day activities before going for a sleep.

2.  Make New Aims with New Energy and Spirit: It is the right time to make new personal, social and professional goals. Try to think big. Life is not about static behavior. Life is a journey where you work hard without thinking of results. Try to make both long and short aims to make your life interesting. Make successful strategies that would help in achieving your goals.

3.  Read Motivational Stories and Watch Motivational Videos: You need to be motivated, so try to read motivational stories/biographies of successful personalities who leaded their early life in a comfort zone but later they worked hard and became successful. These stories will increase your self-confidence. Take the example of Adnan Sami, the famous singer and musician who broke his comfort zone and worked hard on his fitness. Now he looks slim and smart.

4.  Interact More with People around You: Make new friends and interact with them as much you can. It is an excellent habit that really helps out in coming out of a comfort zone. Interaction will give you new ideas. You would be able to think new. If you are a professional then start doing friendship with both your juniors and seniors. Try to learn from them.

5.  Work Hard: It is the best time to stand up and start doing hard work without thinking of results. Hard work is the best key to success. There are chances that you might meet failures in initial attempts but don’t lose your hope. Be positive and work hard in a right direction. Work hard is the key to success. I am highly inspired by a person named Mr. Vujicic, who is just a torso man without hands and legs. But he is able to swim, play golf and takes part in other sport too. I salute his life spirit. He is a self-dependent person who has earned a degree in Financial Planning & Real Estate. He has travelled to 24 countries for motivating other people as a successful motivational speaker.

      Over coming comfort zone doesn't mean that you would start taking risks in life irresponsibly. Be energetic in life and achieve your aims safely and successfully.

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