Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Ways to Cope with the Stress of an Examination Failure or Underachievement

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Again the time of examination results have came. It is one of the toughest periods that come in the life of students every year. After giving an academic or competitive admission examination, students live under stress and anxiety. Some students get good marks, some students get poor marks and some students even get failed.

I want to congratulate all the students who got good marks. But I think students who appeared but somehow got poor marks or failed needs to be appreciated for their hard work. I am summarizing below the best ways to cope with the stress of an exam failure or underachievement:

  1. 1.       Please don’t dare to go for suicide: Hey stop! If you have got poor marks and thinking of doing suicide, then please just think once that life is so precious and success/failure is part of life. Your parents, your family members, or friends love you lot. So just chill out and just accept your failure with full courage.

  1. 2.       Overcome from your depression: I understand your problem. I know you must be depressed. Hey cool down! Close your eyes and feel relax. It was just a bad phase. I am sure in next attempt you will get good marks and will make your parents proud. Never lose your confidence. It is the self-confidence that matters.

  1. 3.       Divert your mind towards leisure activities: If you are depressed of poor result, then it is advisable to take part in activities that will decrease your stress and depression. Get engaged yourself in your favorite game. Play with your friends and siblings.

  1. 4.       Read motivational stories and watch motivational movies: Well, success and failure are two faces of a single coin. Do you know after every failure, success waits for you? Start reading motivational stories of successful people who failed initially but never lost their hope and finally reached at the height of success. Bill Gates was initially a failure but later he became the richest man of the world.Another great example come into my mind about youngest filmmaker Imtiaz Ali had failed in 9th standard but see him now, how did he made himself confident and powerful.

  1. 5.       Interact with your family more: Don’t keep yourself isolated in a room. Come out of your room and interact with your family more. Talk with your parents, siblings and other family members. Take help from them.

  1. 6.       Analyze why you got less marks and plan future action: After taking some rest, you should start analyzing where and what you did wrong. Try to analyze your weak areas. Don’t hesitate in accepting your errors. Take help from teachers. Plan your strategies and start studying with new energy and goal.
We are thankful to Kunwar kashif Khan (Content Writer & Editor) to write this beautiful post for our audience.

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