Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 Smarter Ways to Motivate Employees

Employee motivation is one of the key factors that are required for a productive team. Employee motivation should be in the mind of a manager like other priorities. If an employee is highly motivated, it will directly and positively affects the job performance and company performance. The development of an employee and company is somehow depends upon employee motivation. I am summarizing below the smart ways of employee motivation:


Know your employee: See I believe every employee has his/her own characteristics and own set of mind. If you are a team manager, then it is desirable that you should know about each team member individually. Pay attention to each of your team member individually.

2.      Talk with your employee: Well interpersonal communication between a manager and employees is the most important factor required for a successful team. Try to fix a day for hearing your employees’ problems.

3.      Behave like a friend not like a boss: Most of the time employees hesitate in telling their problems to managers. If your behavior with your employees would be friendly, it will help you in sorting out issues related to them and job work.

4.      Motivate each employee individually: Well, every employee has his/her own professional aims. Try to motivate each employee individually according to their professional aims.

5.      Don’t force your decisions on your employee: It has been observed that when a manager forces his decision on his employees it decreases employees’ morale that directly results in less productivity.

6.      Give an award to your best employee bi-annually: Well each employee wants to get praised for his/her job performance. You can fix an award for best employee of your team or project bin-annually. It will increase motivation of your team members. Fix transparent criteria for the best employee award.

7.      Organize social parties monthly for your employees: You can organize a social party monthly to motivate your employees. It will give you a chance to interact more with your employees. It will help you in getting close to your employees.

8.      Don’t keep your favorites: Well keep your door open to your employees. Treat each employee equally. Never try to make favorites, it will de-motivate other employees.

9.      Improve working conditions/atmosphere: Improvement of working conditions or working atmosphere indirectly increases motivation of employees. Try to give a healthy and force-free atmosphere to your employees.

10.  Organize training sessions for your employees: Try to organize professional training sessions for your employees annually or biannually such as personality development, professional skills learning, English learning etc.

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