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Top Business Games ,Will Help you to Achieve Goals !

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 Are you serious to set up a business or the serious to grow your business ? You have enough funds to invest but don't know where ? You have goals for your business but confused how to execute it ? A solution is you should have millions of rupees and put it in your business.If you will succeeded as per your planning.So,Its good but if you won't you just lost some million rupees but gain unforgettable experience.Infact , you can take risk every day with your million rupees daily.How ? I will give you virtual cash where you can know easily how to grow the business very well.

Capitalism II

This is probably the best game version of real-world economics. So good, in fact, that some business professors use it as a teaching aid. (Wish we'd had those professors.) The game involves the entire market cycle, from resource extraction to manufacture to marketing.
What you'll learn: You can try to control a whole industry -- say, taking on everything from cattle in the feedlot to the leather-goods retailer; or you can simply make a living as a hostile-takeover artist. Whatever you want.
What else you'll learn: Business is like picking horses: It's easier when you're not playing with real money. But this is as close as you can get to the world of true tycoonery without losing your assets.
Diner Dash

You'll have your apron full in this manic game, seating customers, taking orders, clearing dishes, and mopping up after the brat who just spilled his milkshake. Do your job well and you'll make enough to expand your eatery. Add tables and a jukebox, and try to maintain your sanity, as business booms.
What you'll learn: Slaying an army of aliens is child's play compared to running a restaurant. Customers stiff you, geriatrics sip their coffee while the line at the door gets longer. And that guy on the mobile phone? He wants his check now!
What else you'll learn: Why does the waitress at your local diner look like she hates you? Because she does.

Lemonade Stand

If you grew up in, say, the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic and you didn't have a lemonade stand as a child, it's not too late. In Lemonade Stand, the computer game, you're in charge of pricing, quality, inventory, and purchasing.

What you'll learn: You're not in charge of the weather, and a cold spell will put a quick chill on your business; your prices must drop to lure customers who'd rather have a cup of cocoa. Thank god for global warming.
What else you'll learn: No matter how cute you are, mix up a sour batch of lemonade and people will go find some other stand to quench their thirst. Sorry, kid. Welcome to America.

Monopoly Tycoon

This game looks like the wet dream of a young Donald Trump: a kaleidoscopic wonderland of money and opportunity. You'll buy and rent property, start ventures all over the city, and battle other developers trying to muscle in on your turf.
What you'll learn: This is not your grandpa's Monopoly. Build not only hotels but entire blocks of apartments, along with restaurants, shops, bars, and salons. Attract customers or risk bankruptcy.
What else you'll learn: It really is better to own Baltic Avenue than Boardwalk. The cheap blocks generate more revenue than the posh neighborhoods.

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