Sunday, October 3, 2010

Top 5 Motivational Speakers !!

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What do we need in life ? How should we make our self successful ? I am trying to expose 5 Indian Motivational Speakers who promise you to change your life forever...Believe me ! Sometimes Just a single quote able to show the way of success.So, Listen the Carefully and Change your Life !

Robin Sharma
  • Robin sharma is one of the most spiritual and motivational speaker who believe to show the path to audience with spirituality.He wrote many Best Selling Books like
    the monk who sold his ferrari
    ; The Saint , The Surfer and The CEO ; The Greatness Guide etc.
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Shiv Khera
  • Shiv Khera is motivational speaker who believe to show you the path with right way of attitude.How could you get highest score in life class ? Learn from him

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Mona Jagga

Mona Jagga is N.R.I Business Coach and Real estate investor who is great motivational leader and positive thinker.She is believer and follower of Law of Attraction.

Rajesh Aggarwal is another Indian motivational leader and he has highly motivated leadership quality who believe to give you right discipline by right things.

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Mohit Sardana

Mohit Sardana is the Top leader of Network Marketing Industry even great motivational leader too.He is the author of WAGON TO RICHES.He is so stylish guy too,you can pronounce him the Salman Khan of MLM.

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