Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 10 Hollywood Motivational Movies !

In Motivational blog, after presenting Top 10 Hindi Motivational Movies.It is another list of Hollywood motivational movies. For the fans of Hollywood movies who believe in realistic cinema and those who wanna see mixed reality and fiction together..these lists for you both kind of audience. It will really help you to find the movies which inspire you every time even though when will you feel alone.

Every movie is watchable which mentioned here.So, Don't take the list numbers seriously.


Gandhi is Historical movie and touch you deeply it shows everything what you want to know about Journey of M.K. Gandhi.

To Know more , Watch Gandhi the movie

10.Ali - The Movie

Ali is true story of Boxing Ring Champ Muhammad Ali..To Know more and Watch Ali-the Movie


Rudy the movie is truly inspiring and motivating movie for those who believe in their dreams..

To Know more and Watch Rudy-the Movie

8.Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans are based on True Motivational Story and slapped on those faces who divide the humans with complexion and ethnicity

To Know more and Watch Remember the Titans


Inception is the movie for those who love to watch thriller movies.Know the power of Subconscious mind.

To Know more or watch Inception here

6.The Secret

The secret is kind of documentary movie.It is the documentary of Law of Attraction.

To know more or Watch The Secret

5.The Pursuit of Happyness

True Story of hard work and dreams.The Pursuit of Happyness never let you down.Every time you watch it ,inspire you.

To Know more or watch The Pursuit of Happyness

4.National Treasure

National Treasure is the movie full of thrill,adventure and secrets behind the walls.
To know more or watch National Treasure

3.National Treasure : Book of Secrets

Sequel of National Treasure - again full of thrill,adventures and Secrets in Book of U.S. President.

To Know more or Watch...National Treasure Book of Secrets

2. Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is the movie who won multiple oscars and truly made the millionaires of junior actors of the movie...Movie with Full of Love ..To Know more or Watch Slumdog Millionaire

1.Spiderman 3

Spider Man 3 and Other two parts too is must watchable because It inspired every common youth of today those who are indecisive in right or wrong path.

To Know more or Watch Spiderman 3

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