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How to be a Man like Aamir Khan ?

How to be a Man like Aamir Khan?

Now, Aamir Khan is being ready to go with Peepli Live in Oscar 2010. Why aamir khan being so successful? His every movie as an actor, director and as producer being super hit and establishing the record year after year. His movie ‘GHAJINI’ made huge earning record of more than Rs 200 Crore which was the highest one till the date. But his movie 3 IDIOTS broken his earning record as earned Rs 300 crore which is highest one till the date.

Here the things what I learnt from aamir khan

1. Do one thing at one time
2. Dedicate yourself for the character role
3. Join himself from every part of movie like editing , screenplay etc
4. Be creative at the time of promotion and don’t even leave the single option to make reach among the audience whether TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet etc.

1. Do one thing at one time

When the Producer offered him role, Aamir stated his mind to gather information for it and started to play. He Prepare himself and his subconscious mind or to play the role as per demand of the story. When he was shooting for 3 idiots, off every luxury and he lived with co stars Sharman Joshi & R.Madhvan in college hostel where the shooting was held. It was the dedication he shown his role for the rancho.

2. Dedicate yourself for the character role:

His mind blowing role of Ghajini he build his body like the killer guy and build 8 pack abs in 8-9 months(See this Original Video) under the coach instruction and for the role of 3 idiots (See these Videos), to made himself younger like college boy. He slept 8 -16 hours in a day, drink water, and eat healthy food as per dietician’s instruction.

3. Join him self from every part of movie:

Whether it is work at the time of on screen acting or shared the ideas at the time of post production work , like editing aamir shared his interest every time towards the things until movie completion. Aamir is infamous to dominate his director at the time of shooting but he needs satisfaction every time in his work and end of the day he wants to make the movie super hit just not for himself but for the whole production house. It doesn’t mean he dominates them; he shared his ideas with director.

4. Be creative at the time of promotion:

He was cutting the hair of children at the time of GHAJINI on India gate, Delhi and at the time of 3 idiots he and his co-star kareena kapoor were chatting with their fans online even not even the single show of tv. He left during the time of before release and after release promotion.

You can see his dedication towards his work. You can be also the expertise in your field just after implement some ways like these standards.

You can also shared your love with Aamir khan at Aamir’s Official Blog .

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