Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Achieve Target,Believe in yourself

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I think there is a target always . when you try something new in your life or search for new ways. I found a guy who told me the story of two people.
they people lived together in old roman city and one of them 're very aggressive to be the richest man. he daily discuss about this thing with his friend
but other guy didn't take it seriously because they didn't have any reason to believe in his words. He knew that guy from childhood and his family background.

One day when they were on the way ,both guys saw the tree which has some golden leaves shining over the tree.they amazed with it and
goes near to saw it but that golden thing recede from them ,one guy who had willing to be the wealthy,he just started to climb upon the tree but as he came closer
to it,the thing receded.

He was on the top of the tree and the thing disappeared with a small message in air with golden words : "Believe in yourself & Let's ready to take the steps"

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