Friday, August 27, 2010

Do I Really Need a Girl Friend ?

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Do I Really Need a Girl Friend ?

It is the question every frustrated guy asked ,who fall into deep attraction of love and failed to find true love.But How does it related to my subject ie. motivational or inspirational.Guys everything what we faced every day comes into my subject because Motivation is nothing more than achievments,what we get by our daily efforts ? Now come on to the topic ,you definitely asked by yourself this thing "Do I really need a girl friend" ?

What do I realise ? This thing depend on the mood & time basically.If you are not on your earning stage,the answer could come 'yes' but when you have the responsibilities on your head "you definitely look forward to your family and career first,Then answer may come,Later on or No.?"

But I have some Good & very Bad Experiences in terms of Love and Girls...So,I am asking you first "Do I really need a Girl Friend " ?

I have some really Good facts ,what do i want to share with you but first I eagerly want to know whether you interested to hear me or not on this topic and second What are your experiences in love & Girlfriend ?


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