Monday, September 9, 2013

Change your world with meditation

In this hectic life it has become a necessity for every human being to meditate and keep themselves calm and cool. Meditation is the only process and path where we get the solution of the obstacles. If your mind is full of strong desire and opposition, then it is extremely difficult to keep mind at rest and peace.

A thoughtless mind  will surely wander here and there and create thousands of problems for you. In order to overcome such  miserable situation meditation is the only process which will take you to a long way of divine and peace. That is why  it is very much essential to get freedom from craving and aversions which is playing in our mind. 

There are many normal and basic steps to keep mind and calm which will surely change the world.

De-stress- Meditation is has two major benefits in a human being’s life. Firstly  it prevents from stress and secondly, it accumulates stress.

Physically fit-

Health is the most important part of everyone's life. It is essential to take care of health. These days people are so much busy in their life that they don’t have time for themselves, which creates a problem for them. With the help of meditation the body cell changes thus re-energizing every cell of the body with positive vibes.

Physical benefits-

Maintain blood pressure
Maintain the level of blood lactate and decrease anxiety
Decrease tension or any other pain like- headache, muscle and joint pains and much more.
Maintain serotonin production, which improves behavior and mood
Maintain and increase the immune system
Maintain and increase energy level.
Mental benefits of meditation
Brings happiness and joy in life and mood
Drastic positive changes in the behavior
Big problems become smaller and easier to solve

Meditation helps to improve your mental power and help you to come out easily with the bundles of problem.

There are many other benefits of meditation which will surely change your world and make you more positive and enthusiastic like-

It cleans your negativity and nourishes you with positive vibes and gives good energy to think positive in life.·    

Meditation brings joy and harmony in the life, while practicing meditation one realizes the vastness and drastic change. One can handle bundles of work and complete it smoothly.

Personal transformation-

You will naturally feel absolute transformation in yourself. This transformation will give you deep self realization and relaxation. Meditation will fill you with tremendous positive energy. Even your surroundings can't remain untouched with this positivity. You will be able to spread the same all around you making your surroundings positive, happy and healthy.

Practicing meditation can take you to your higher self, enhancing yourself realization. Meditation changes you to a better person who is capable to handle the negative traits like stress and anger efficiently. It also boosts your immune system, keeping you healthy, cool and calm.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What can we learn from Hitler's mistakes?

Adolf Hitler; a name the whole world is never going to forget, a name that still instills fear in some and hatred in some others. He was the key person behind World War II, Nazi Germany and The immensely infamous Holocaust. The name we have all come to relate with such despicable acts of horror was, in fact, a decorated veteran of World War I. His autocratic and totalitarian reign of ‘The Third Reich’ is a legend in itself.

Hitler’s biography forms for a great source of learning valuable lessons in life. His autobiography, Mein Kampf, describes his struggles in great details and is a great source of inspiration for many. What this autobiography doesn’t depict is the great mistakes he committed that turned him into one of the most hated and dreaded people in all of history. These are visible in Hitler’s Biography. There are many lessons to be learnt from Hitler’s Biography. He made many mistakes during World War II that cost him dearly and ultimately led to Germany being crushed to defeat.
·         The first lesson comes from his arrogance that he was invincible. He made the mistake of turning Russia into a foe. If it was not for the Russians, it would have been extremely arduous for the allies to retaliate the way they did.
·         The second lesson to be learnt is the cost of being over-confident. This led to the demolition of his bomber squads in Britain and cost him dearly.
·         The third grave mistake was the Holocaust. His sheer hatred of the Jews was one aspect that shows us the value of human lives as this was probably the most horrendous of all the mistakes he made. His deployment of unnecessary troops for eradication of Jews weakened his strength and ended in his defeat.
·         Another major lesson to be learnt is the cost of oversight. Him not being able to track the Japanese while they attacked Pearl Harbor dragged America into the war and cost him his campaign.

One other worthwhile piece of learning from Hitler’s Biography comes in the form of his disdain for lives in general which cost him the Battle of Stalingrad. This shows us to treat the lives of your fellow men with reverence. His audacity in denying the shooting down of British bombers in British territory and insistence for them to be shot only over German territory for the Germans to see and be encouraged from forms another point for pondering on his methods and judgment.
All these grave errors stare us in the face whilst analyzing Hitler’s biography. This is the exact thing portrayed in biopic made on Hitler. The multitude of entries in Hitler movies list depict each and every one of these errors in great detail and present many topics of debate about the righteousness of his methods.

This Hitler movies list includes superbly crafted and presented titles such as Downfall, The Bunker, Night and Fog and Valkyrie. These titles amply depict the pitfalls in Hitler’s ways, his mistakes and to a careful observer, would present a host of learning that enables them to discern right from wrong. All said and done, Hitler’s Biography is full of mistakes that a common man can take cues from and avoid the gravest shift in their attributes as a human.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

God the father of Motivation

What is the need of motivation in life? Whenever you overcome with the life’s burdens and fail to move forward in the life due to stress, sorrow and other mishaps, losing your self confidence, then you need motivation. Many a time you ignore the restlessness of your mind, but you cannot ignore it for an indefinite period of time. If you do that then you have the chance of turning abnormal. That is not expected from anyone.

There may be a variety of reasons why you might think that you are not performing up to the mark and you slowly lose your confidence in the work you do. You feel like you are not doing anything productive, you feel restless. Troubles in relationships, betrayal, and failure are some of the causes to name a few. If it is not given proper importance, you can become totally depressed and lose your interest in your life.

In such a chaotic state of your mind if you address your problems to God you can be relieved a bit of the chaos that is running havoc in your mind. Blaming God for your problems may not be a solution but putting your trust on Him, asking Him to provide you support in your dire need will be a feasible option.

In Ephesians 6:11 it is advised to God’s followers to “Put on the whole armor of God”. The “armor of God” is not any armor that we put on when you are heading towards a war zone to fight people of blood and flesh but a mental barrier that will protect us from all sort of evil and negative feelings and thoughts. It is actually a shield of faith on God which will protect us from our own mind. The belief that everything happens for a reason and God never thinks ill of His followers is the basis of faith.

This you have to do yourself. As no amount of preaching can inculcate in your mind the idea that
God is present and is responsible for the good things in your life. You can never thank Him enough for the life He has provided you, let alone other pleasures which he has supplied. If you renew and strengthen your faith and belief in God no amount of worry, anxiety or evil will be able to discourage, depress or de motivate you in the path of your life.

The Great Lord who has created everyone and has adopted them in the family is like a living Father who scolds His children for the wrong this he/she has done yet loves him/her with unmeasured passion in heart. When He gives He gives His fullest. But He is not harsh in taking away.

His power, strength and His blessings are the things which help you to move forward in your life thus enabling you to succeed in your endeavor. He is the cure for your depressions, discouragement and all other negative aspects of life. The love of God is wonderful and heavenly. Believe in Him and experience it!

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